10 Chinese Foods Filled With Plastic, Pesticides And Cancer-Causing Properties


Chances are you have probably heard about a story involving fake Chinese food which ultimately leads to a large number of health complications. From parasites, pesticides and plastic, to horrific cancer-causing properties, these foods can cause all.

So for your own safety, check out the list of 10 most commonly found Chinese foods which are fake and filled with dangerous properties that can be fatal for your health:

  1. Tilapia Fish

There are a large number of Tilapia fish farms in China. These fish are considered to be one of the worst ones, as they are unhealthy, and eat everything. Worst of all, they are packed with chemicals so they can grow faster and be harvested. Keep in mind that 80% of Tilapia fish in America, come from China, so stay away from the fish.

  1. Chinese Apple Juice

Around 50% of apple juice found in the U.S. comes from China. Now many people know that China is the largest pesticide producing country in the world, so we would highly recommend you to avoid buying Chinese apple juice as it is rich in too much sugar, and mixed with vegetable juice.

  1. Cod Fish

Cod is also a type of fish commonly farmed in China. The fish is not healthy at all and it lives in its own waste. As of right now, over 50% of American Cod comes from China, so be sure to walk pass it next time you’re shopping for fish at your supermarket.

  1. Processed Mushrooms

Tainted mushrooms from China have been found by US inspectors. 34% of U.S sold mushrooms comes from China which is why you need to buy organic and local in order to stay safe.

  1. Chicken

A large number of food experts are concerned with the quality of chicken coming from China, as it is a country where avian influenza and food-borne illnesses are common. China also produces more pesticides than any other country in the world, and it is the most polluted.

  1. Industrial Salt

Humans are unfit for the consumption of industrial salt, and according to a newspaper story, Chinese have been selling industrial salt as table salt for 13 years. It has been known that industrial salt can cause a large number of health ailments both physical and mental.

  1. Green Peas

Fake peas created with snow peas, soy beans as well as green dye have been found sold in some places in China. These fake green peas don’t soften when boiled and the water turned an unnatural green color. If you notice this, immediately throw them away to avoid health complications.

  1. Mud Sold as Black Pepper

A vendor in China has been discovered selling mud as black pepper, and flour as white pepper. Be sure to check the sources from which you’re getting these ingredients.

  1. Chinese Garlic

U.S. inspectors have found tainted Chinese garlic. It had been sprayed with chemicals and it leaves a horrible aftertaste in your mouth, which tastes like a chemical corrosion. 31% of U.S. sold garlic comes from China, and you should do your best to avoid it by buying natural, organic and local garlic.

  1. Plastic Rice

Fake plastic rice is being produced in some parts of China, and it is believed to be made from potatoes and fake synthetic resin. When it is boiled, the rice doesn’t soften and doesn’t cook  as regular ice. Regular consumption of this type of rice is cancerous.

Source: fitbodycenter.net

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