This 109-Year Old Woman Reveals The Secret To Long Life – Avoid Men!

This is perhaps one of the strangest things you are going to read today. As it turns out, this 109-year-old Scottish woman says that the long-searched secret for a long and happy life is simple – avoid men.

She is considered the oldest woman in Scotland and believe it or not, very few people in the entire world share her age.

But the funny thing is that the whole internet started losing their minds over her now-famous quote.

She says that men are more trouble than they are worth, as the feeling of being free and able to enjoy everyday things helps her get the most and best out of her life.

In order to find out more tips on how to live long and avoid men, watch the video below:


But at the end of the day, it all comes down to life choices, character and perception of the world around us…


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