11 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times

Many cultures have long been talking and explaining the process of reincarnation or the transfer of souls from one body to another. And some consider this a true phenomenon since millions of people experience unexplainable things and signs in their daily lives that might just be pointing to this miraculous phenomenon.

And many people actually believe this reincarnation process, however in today’s article we are going to talk about sings that some souls have reincarnated more times than others, and those souls have experienced the following characteristics:

  1. You Experience Recurring Dreams

Our dreams can be a doorway to the subconscious mind and repetitive dreams can signal trauma, issues or fear that your brain is trying to process as an unfinished business. These traumas can sometimes be results from past life traumas. This for a fact has been reported by many people who claim that they have experienced some events, seen certain people and knows certain locations despite never having visited them.

  1. You Experience Out-of-Order Memories

Many parents have reported their children having out of place memories that have been proven to be incredibly detailed and accurate. Although these out of place memories can be the product of their simple imagination, there have been numerous studies that have shown this could be a potential sign of a connection to a past life.

  1. Your Intuition is Strong

Intuition has been considered an ability to balance the subconscious and conscious mind to tap into our primal wisdom and gain knowledge. This is why the more we mature the closer we get to our source (eternity, nirvana) of universal knowledge that our souls were created from.

  1. Déjà vu

Most of us have experienced déjà vu at least once in our lives. It is the feeling of having seen or experienced something and it is usually triggered by sounds, smells, tastes and numerous other sensations. Although scientists explain this as a neurological dissonance, there is still a possibility that it is connected with other parallel dimensions and universes and past lives.

  1. You’re Empathic

Empaths have the ability to absorb feelings and emotions along with the physical pain of others around them. They are able to experience what someone else is going through.

This often leads to empaths being considered a different breed of people since they are considered souls that have undergone so many reincarnation that they have managed to surpass the individual and its problems so they are able to feel what others are feeling as well.

  1. Precognition

Precognition is also known as future sight as they are able to obtain knowledge about events that will happen in the future. This can be experienced through physical sensations and even visions as well as dreams.

  1. Retrocognition

Retro-cognition is the opposite of precognition and it is the ability to obtain previously undiscovered and unknown knowledge from visions about past events. Recognition is not easy to prove unlike precognition and it is considered to be a possible result of a reincarnated soul.

  1. You Feel Older Than Your Actual Age

This is why some people even in their 60’s feel like they’re young at heart while others even in their teen years feel like they’re an old soul and that have experienced a lot. If your soul has reincarnated just a few times, you will feel young at heart and will display a child-like infant energy around yourself making you feel young. On the other hand if you’re an old soul you have reincarnated on earth many times then you will display a more wise and mature energy.

  1. You Feel Greatly Attracted To Certain Time Periods, Environments And Even Cultures

It is widely believed that if you have an unexplainable attraction for a certain time period, place and culture, then your soul has reincarnated from a past life that has revolved around those places, periods and culture.

  1. Fears and Phobias That You Can’t Explain

Most people have reported having phobias that have stuck with them since they were little children besides never experiencing anything that would cause that phobia. Perfect example of this are phobias of high places, drowining, certain animals, certain numbers, colors objects and other things. This is believed to be connected with a past life that has left a great impact on your soul then, that you’re transferred that impact into your current life.

  1. You Don’t Feel Like This Earth Is Your Home

You might have had a desire to find your one true home or to return to your source (nirvana, divinity, consciousness, and oneness). People believe that this is the result of your soul having reincarnated so many times that it is finally close to finishing the cycle and returning to the true source of our lives. Feelings that your earth is not your home are often accompanied by feelings of tiredness and wariness for the life on earth.

So after reading these signs do you feel like you can relate? Do you have your own experience that you could share? If you do, feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

Source: expandedconsciousness.com

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