15 Tips and Tricks to Look Younger

Thousands of women face with the uncomfortable and confidence-ruining aging symptoms that directly affect their overall beauty and style. Although aging is a natural process that cannot be avoided this doesn’t mean that you should lay flat on the ground and completely give up, because as always, there are some cheating tips and tricks in order to hide the number of birthdays you’ve had. Let’s get started!

  1. Take care of your neck skin, just as much as you take care of your face

It doesn’t matter if you have the face of a 20-year old, when your chin and neck are looking 60 years old. Many women focus on their face too much to realize that they should be focusing on their neck too. So we recommend you apply your anti-aging creams to your neck, the next time you’re applying it to your face.

  1. Maintain the elasticity of your arm skin

Make sure to wear latex gloves every time you’re cleaning or washing dishes with a product that contains harsh chemicals that can damage the skin. Put glycerin cream several times throughout the day in order to eliminate age spots as well.

  1. Take care of the small hairs on your face

Mature women might come across some small hairs above the lips like they’ve never seen before. This makes the face look more rough and old. Although they aren’t a serious problem to your health, make sure you take care of them if you want to maintain your young look.

  1. Use sun protection even in winter

The skin needs to be protected from the sun’s rays every day of the year. It is the safest way of keeping your skin in check and prevent wrinkles.

  1. Use rose or beige brown nail polish

The presence of a neutral color takes away the attention from the age spots.

  1. Forget the long hair

Long hair makes you appear older and more mature. It is best to maintain a shoulder long hair when entering the most mature age.

  1. Wear bangs

The simplest solution to hiding forehead wrinkles is bangs.

  1. Create the illusion of cheeks

As many women age, their cheeks become smaller which creates the appearance of a dried out and tired face. This is where makeup comes in to create the illusion of more puffy cheeks.

  1. Prevent dry and cracked lips

Use lip balsam on a regular basis to prevent “lip wrinkles”. You can also put a mixture of honey and sugar which softens the lips and removes the outer hard and wrinkly layer.

  1. Don’t use dark lipsticks

Dark lipsticks make the lips seem smaller. If you want to look younger, use more fresh colors like pink and red. Also, put lip balsam as it will make your lips seem bigger.

  1. Don’t over-powder your face.

After applying powder on your face, use the heat of your hands to make the powder stick and blend with your skin by pressing them against your face. The heat of your hands will do wonders for the blending in effect.

  1. Keep your nails short

Nails restore the appearance of youth only if they are kept somewhere around 3-5mm. Anything above that makes you look like a mature cat-lady.

  1. Change your makeup color pallet

Focus on lighter colors like peach and rose. They will restore the “color” and youth of your face, unlike the darker colors that take that away and make the face look tired.

  1. Expose the eyes

Our eyelids tend to get loose and fall down as we age, so we need to cover that up to a minimum. Use mascara and crayons in order to expose the shape and color of the eyes, while masking the eyelids.

  1. Outline your eyebrows

Age itself tends to make our eyebrows rare and whiter. So outlining them and darkening them with crayon or eye shadow should get the job done.

Shopping advice: Wear “V” shaped t-shirts for a more exposed cleavage and reduce the appearance of hanging breasts.

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