Here Are 16 Lessons That Kids Teach Us Grown-Ups

A child’s love is as pure and honest as it can be. They are extremely curious and everything they do, they do with tons of enthusiasm. Unlike them, we as grown-ups are constantly busy with our lives and careers that we literally “run” through our daily activities and therefore not being able to enjoy even the smallest things in life. We think it is safe to say that we lose our curiosity, enthusiasm, and joy in doing small everyday things to the point where nothing we do fulfills us.

But children aren’t like us, they think different from us. In a way, they can even be our spiritual teachers and we can learn many things about happiness from them, starting with:

  1. Appreciate the small things in life

Try to look at the world from their perspective and you will see how perfect the world is. Children can sit and stare at the rain the whole day, or sit on the front porch and enjoy the songs of the birds. As Robert Brault once said – “Enjoy the small things in life, because one day you might look back and find out that they were big”.

  1. A simple hug can make the pain disappear

When a small kid gets injured, it immediately runs towards its mother or father because of something deep inside, tells us that we’re going to be okay once we hug and kiss someone we love and care about, that we know cares about us too. Hugs and kisses from a loved one can soothe and decrease both physical and emotional pain.

  1. Laugh loud without holding back

Unfortunately, these days many grown up people slide through their day without having a good and honest laugh. This is why we need to learn from little children. They spread laughter, joy, and positive energy no matter where they are. They laugh at the simplest things, and they laugh at complicated things – because they don’t understand them. The important thing is that they always see the bright side of everything and can always find a reason to smile. As a legend by the name of Charlie Chaplin once said – “A day without laughter is a day wasted”.

  1. Forgive

Kids aren’t able to stay mad long. They usually get over it and don’t hold grudges. They can be fighting one moment and hug the next, which teaches us a very valuable lesson. By forgiving and forgetting, we are letting go of all the negative emotions and grudges that are holding us back.

  1. Dream big

Children believe that they can achieve everything they dream of. They want to be everything from a Pilot to an Astronaut – they don’t doubt themselves and don’t have second thoughts. Д

  1. Be brave and take risks

Little children are fearless. The thing that makes them so confident is that they don’t think that much of the consequences and most importantly, they always tell the truth. Life isn’t perfect, but it isn’t that long as well, so take up risks because you never know when you’re going to succeed.

  1. Express your emotions freely

In time, grown up people tend to hide their emotions while children do the exact opposite. They don’t let their steps be dictated by their emotions when they are sad – they cry, when they are happy – they laugh as loud as they can…

  1. Live in the moment

Kids don’t dwell on the past and aren’t concerned with their future. Their main focus is to live spontaneously for today. They know how to enjoy every second of the present.

  1. Exercising can be fun

Kids exercise all the time, running around, jumping and staying active. But they don’t do it because they’re concerned with their weight or health, but because it is fun. So try not to think of exercising as an obligation, but more as a relaxation and fun.

  1. Fantasize more often

Kids enjoy fantasizing for hours about the most random things. That helps them find out more things about themselves and the world around them.

  1. Listen and take care of your body

When children are tired – they can sleep with hours when they are hungry – they eat, when they are thirsty – they drink. This is the definition of respecting your body. Depriving yourself of sleep, food and beverages will only lead to some health issues, which is why you need to make time for yourself.

  1. Ask lots of questions

People stumble upon many difficulties in understanding a certain something as a result of being shy to ask questions when the time is right. On the other side, kids have millions of questions, both rational and irrational and they aren’t shy to ask all of them. Humans learn as long as they are alive, so don’t be shy to ask questions.

  1. Dance like nobody’s watching

Don’t be shy to show off your best dance moves. The pleasure and fun are guaranteed.

  1. Have an open mind

Kids don’t limit themselves with evolution, religion or a specific mentality, instead, they are open to everything the world has to offer.

  1. Don’t hide your curiosity

Be curious about everything. Being curious can take you everywhere, and open up every door in your life.

  1. Love unconditionally

Kids aren’t afraid to show their love for something or someone. They hug really hard and love from the bottom of their pure hearts without expecting anything in return.

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