20 Foods You Must Avoid If You Suffer From Diabetes

People suffering from diabetes have a really hard task: they need to control what they eat, to maintain balance in their blood sugar levels, and to avoid sugary food. However, there are many foods and drinks that although look sugar-free, they are the opposite.

The following list of 20 foods should be avoided:

  1. Dried fruits – nutrients and fiber can dry certain fruits and thus, make them look the healthiest option. But, being dehydrated, they contain even more concentration of sugar. Replace them with grapefruit and strawberries.
  2. White rice, flour, and bread – white flour and rice, including pasta and bread can act same as sugar, meaning that they interfere with the levels of glucose in your body – same as sugar. As an alternative, you can replace them with barley, oats, and brown rice.
  3. Fat-filled dairy products -whole dairy products are rich in fat and increase the LDL (bad cholesterol), and increase the risk of heart disease. If you suffer from diabetes, avoid dairy products including fat yogurt, creams, cream cheese, and ice cream.
  4. Thick cuts of meat: Same as dairy products, avoid fatty meats as they contain saturated fats that generate inflammation and increase cholesterol. Instead of meat, eat skinless turkey, chicken, pork loin, fish, or lean meat.
  5. Breakfast cakes: Cakes, donuts, muffins, cinnamon rolls and other baked sweets are rich in sodium and trans fats. If you want to eat them still, the best way is to prepare them at home.
  6. Fried foods: Fried foods are soaked in large quantities of oil. In many cases, they are coated with flour so to be breaded, which makes them even more calorie-rich.
  7. Alcohol: Alcohol can interfere with sugar levels in the blood. Therefore, consult your doctor prior consuming alcohol if you suffer from diabetes.
  8. Fruit juice: Juices are rich in carbs and fiber and they are the best option for treatment of diabetes. But, you need to be alert since fruit juices sometimes can contain more concentrated sugar than soda drinks, that increase the sugar levels.
  9. Sugary foods: They are rich in sugar that provokes the levels of sugar in the blood to jump really high.
  10. Cereals: Although the majority of cereals contain sugar, they are the quickest and easiest breakfast options.
  11. Energy bars: Diabetics should be careful about what energy bar they will choose to eat, as both sugars and carbs are the 2 major energy sources for the body.
  12. Bananas and melons: Avoid melons and bananas because they contain an extreme amount of sugar which will increase the sugar levels.
  13. Mixed Coffees: Although they are extremely popular, mixed coffees contain syrup, whipped cream, and sugar that are rich in fat and sugar. Therefore, always opt for sugar-free coffee with a little milk in order to satiate the caffeine impulses of yours.
  14. Processed Meat: Processed meats are rich in sodium. Diets that contain a high amount of salt can lead to heart attacks and stroke.
  15. Smoothies bought: Even though they are considered to be the healthiest drinks on the market, smoothies bought from the stores are far from that since they contain sugar.
  16. Chinese food: This kind of food is rich in fats, calories, sodium, and carbs that increase the sugar levels in the blood.
  17. Flavored water: Same as smoothies, they are sold as healthy in the markets, but they are far from that because they contain flavor.
  18. Frozen pizza: they are fast for preparation, but inconvenient for health because they are high in calories and fat.
  19. Nachos: They are rich in calories. A normal portion of chili nachos will give you 830 calories, 39 grams of carbohydrates, and 59 grams of fat.
  20. Hamburger restaurants: No matter how delicious and tempting they look, they are rich in saturated fats that increase the cholesterol.

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