20 Useful Kitchen Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know

In this article we are going to show you 20 incredibly useful kitchen tips and tricks which make your life so much easier.

  1. Prevent Bacteria Growth in Dairy Products

As both cottage cheese and sour cream have a short shelf life, you can use this trick to make them last longer. Just place the sour cream or cottage cheese in a container in the fridge, upside down. This will create a vacuum effect which stifles the growth of bacteria.

  1. Extend Vegetable Shelf Life

Put some paper towels on the shelf in the refrigerator, and this will help soak up the excess moisture, slowing down the rotting process of the fruits and vegetables.

  1. Fresh Eggs

If you are having doubts whether or not you got fresh eggs, simple put them in a bowl filled with water. The fresh eggs will sing while the bad eggs will float.

  1. Prevent Hard and Crumbly Brown Sugar

Soften some hard brown sugar by placing a sealed bag with a slice of fresh bread and apple inside. If you want to prevent the brown sugar from hardening, keep it in the fridge.

  1. Prevent Salt from Becoming Hard

Simply put a few grains of rice in the salt box, and it will absorb the moisture.

  1. Prevent Dry Cheese

To prevent the cheese from drying rapidly, rub it with oil or butter all over.

  1. Fresh Butter

Simply store the butter in the freezer, as this way it can last up to 6 months. Also, put it in a zipper bag before you store it in the fridge, so it won’t absorb the odor from other foods.

  1. Revive Flat Champagne

If you want to make your champagne fizz again, put 1-2 raisins in it, and wait a few minutes before you use it.

  1. From Pudding to Muss

Make the pudding using whipped cream instead of water or milk.

  1. Reverse Crystalized Honey

Although honey never spoils, it does get crystalized. In order to reverse this process, put the honey jar in water until it becomes clear again.

  1. Over-Salted Soup

If you want to save a soup you over-salted by accident, add some raw potatoes or apples in your soup. They will help absorb the extra salt. If this does not work, try adding some vinegar to it.

  1. Save Sinewy Meat

You will need to marinate the meat with vinegar or tomato juice, beer, papaya or pineapple and lemon. These ingredients contain enzymes which can save the sinewy meat.

  1. Remove Excess Fat from the Soup

If your soup happens to have too much fat in it, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes, then take it out and remove the frozen fat layer from the top of the bowl.

  1. Improve Burned Milk

If you happen to burn the milk by accident, add a pinch of salt in it and the bad smell will disappear.

  1. Ripe Fruit

Put the fruits in a paper bag and add an apple inside if you want to make them ripe overnight. The apple will emit ethylene gas which will speed up the ripening process.

  1. Save Burned Sauce

To save a burned sauce, add a teaspoon of peanut butter in each cup, and this will help eliminate the burned taste.

  1. Eliminate Unpleasant Smells from Plastic Containers

Plastic is porous meaning that the plastic containers absorb bad smells even after you’ve washed it well. In order to eliminate this smell, fill them with a newspaper, and this will soak up the bad odor.

  1. Save a Burned Pan

The best way to save a burned pan is to sprinkle some baking soda and 4-5 teaspoons of salt in it, before pouring water and letting it sit overnight. Wash the pan the next day, and the results will amaze you.

  1. Clean Stainless Steel

Using alcohol, clean stains from stainless steel by using a piece of cloth dipped in alcohol, and rubbing the metal.

  1. Polish Copper

In order to efficiently polish copper, use ketchup. Sprinkle some ketchup on the copper and clean it well using a piece of cloth.

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