5 Real Differences Between Being Attached To Someone Real Differences Between Being In Love And Being Attracted To Someone

Do you feel love towards your significant other or just attachment? Love isn’t always that simple and with this article we are going to make you realize the similarities and differences between real love and just attachment. We genuinely hope that these solutions and explanations will help you fix your unstable relationship or help you build a new better one.

  1. Love is to give, attachment is to take

When you are in a relationship, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do just to make your partner as happier as possible. You don’t care who washes the dishes, or does the laundry, because at the end of the day you just want to make sure you are in love. You enjoy them as they are, you don’t manipulate them or want to feel more dominant.

When you aren’t in love with someone, instead you are only attached to them, you just care about ending up happy in the relationship, but you don’t care if your significant other is happy as well. Another symptom is trying to be the dominant one, and instead of finding out what’s wrong about your relationship, you always accuse your partner about being the guilty one. You strongly believe that its their fault for your happiness and you tend to get angry at them for not being able of making the relationship better.

  1. Love is liberating, attachment is controlling

    When love is shared from both sides, it can show your personality. You and your partner, equally encourage each other to show your true self and also boosts your selfesteem. When loved, you can never feel controlled by your partner. Instead, it makes you feel more free than ever, allowing you to pursue your dreams.

Unlike love, Attachment make you feel controlling. You may play mind games with them, and even them spending time with friends will drive you mad . All this is an unhealthy way of dealing with a relationship. Manipulating also indicates this kind of a relationship, making them stay with you regardless of their feelings.

  1. Love is mutual growth, attachment is encumbering

Mutual growth is the most important part of a relationship ,and that’s what will happen if you are in love. Mutual work, showing your best versions and stimulating your growth,  will help you become something that you have never been-better than ever!

When it comes to attachment, you restrict the growth of both of the sides, which causes loving in an unhealthy way. That not something you wish to happen in your relationship..

  1. Love lasts forever, attachment comes to an end.

Love is a survivor! Maybe you and your partner will need a little time to be apart, or maybe go through a breakup, but most of the times It lasts temporarily. However, even if its permanent, you will always have someone to count on, because you will still be in your ex-partner’s heart.

If you only were attached to them , mechanically , you will likely hold resentment after you two break up. The fact that you were expecting your partner to be better and make you happier, in which maybe they have never succeeded, You may even feel betrayed.

  1. Love reduces your ego, attachment boosts your ego.

When the relationship is love based, you don’t feel like the center of that relationship. Your ego is reduced, growth fostered and you turn into a loving person.
Your way of heart-to-heart communicating radiates positive energy, and sharing your weaknesses and exposing your vulnerabilities gets even easier for both of you.

When attached to someone, you feel like the whole world revolves around you. Its such an ego booster, and because of this , people fall into relationships that’s aren’t  satisfying their needs. Working on your issues and looking for a solution represents a difficulty for you, and you start feeling like you can’t live without them.

Sooner or later, we all find our soulmates and eventually you will find yours too! Until then, work on becoming a better person for yourself and your SO.  Just don’t forget to love them unconditionally, because at the end of the day, that’s all it matters!

Source: lifehack.org

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