6 Most Common Signs Your Guides Are Communicating With You

Many religions spread the belief of a deceased person coming back to earth in a spirit form to pass along a message. This idea is commonly believed in and many people have reported noticing signs in their lives that have helped them achieve and get somewhere better in their lives.

Down below is a list of some of the most common ways that spirits attempt to connect with us and talk to us.

  1. Vivid Dreams

The most common way spirits use to reach us to pass along a message is through our dreams and meditation. This is when our minds are quiet and open to all possibilities. The spirits use this to create scenarios and grab our attention.

  1. Your Senses Become Enhanced

Spirits often communicate indirectly, meaning that they will help sharpen your senses to help you notice more signs. You might see them as a blur at the corner of your eye, or you might smell a flower that smells like someone you knew.

  1. Electronic Devices Act Up

This is also a sign that has widely been used in Hollywood movies. However if a spirit is trying to reach you, then chances are electronic will start going haywire, on and off, and the volume might be going up and down.

  1. You Know Things You Can’t Explain

Spirits can help lead our intuitions, which is why we often have a really strong gut feeling about a certain something. Oftentimes, spirit use this trick to help pop information to you, which Is why you sometimes know things that you’ve never heard of or experienced ever before.

  1. You Get Frequent And Random Chills

If ever you are talking about the deceased, or a situation involving the dead, and you get a chilling sensation, that could be a clear indication of spirits. While this isn’t always the most pleasant of sensations remember they are on a different wavelength now. So don’t be afraid when this happens, the spirits are trying to guide you.

  1. You Feel Like You’re Being Guided

Spirits will often pull you in a direction which is best for you, and sometimes not even your intuition can explain this. This is a sign of a spirit which cares for you, trying to take you to a place you need to be or reveal vital information to you.

So relax, take a deep breathe, prepare yourself for an adventure and be open to new possibilitie

Source: thespiritscience.net

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