These 6 Nail Conditions Can Discover A Lot About Your Health, Even The Risk of Cancer And Thyroid Gland Disease!


Nails can be a mirror to our health. Some people prefer the natural look, and others paint them for beauty – or to hide imperfections.

However instead of hiding our imperfections, we should try and read those imperfections as a sign of some potential health issue or disease.

The texture, color and shape of the nails can act as a window into the body of a person. Although some nail symptoms can seem harmless, they can be an indicator for some potential life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Therefore it is highly recommended that you immediately contact a dermatologist if you see swelling, shape changes, thickness or discoloration in your nails.

  1. Yellow Nails

Your nails are at a chance of becoming yellow as a result of age of using nail polish. Smoking is also known to cause yellow stains on the nail. However if you notice your nails being thick, crumbly and yellow, it is time for a check-up of fungal infection.

  1. Cracked, Dry or Brittle Nails

These signs usually appear when you’re lacking a certain vitamin or if you’re keeping your nails in water for a longer period of time.

  1. Clubbing

The term “clubbing” is usually used to describe the condition where your nails become enlarged and curved downward. This could be a sign of low oxygen in the body or it might be related to a liver or kidney disease as well as inflammatory bowel disease and AIDS.

  1. White Spots

The small white spots on the nails are most commonly a result of nail trauma. This isn’t a serious condition as the white spots fade away after a small period of time. However if they don’t fade away, chances are it might be from a fungal infection.

  1. Horizontal Ridges

The nail condition called horizontal ridges appears as a result of a serious disease with high fever (scarlet fever or pneumonia).

  1. Dark Discolorations

If you’re having black discolored nails then it is a must-trust sign to see a doctor. In some cases, it can be caused by melanoma – the deadliest skin cancer form out there.


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