These 6 Simple Home Exercises That Will Help You Lose Weight Easy and Fast!

Exercise is without a doubt a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. It can improve the way our muscles, organs and whole body functions. But not only does regular exercise improve our body, but it improves our mental state as well and helps fight depression, anxiety, improves mood and makes you more confident.

This is why we’ve made a list of 6 incredible home exercises that will boost your body function, mental state and will get your body in the desired shape in a short period of time!

  1. Core Exercises

The core section exercises are focused on strengthening your core and exercising your abdominal muscles.

Basic Abdominal Exercises


  • Lie on your back and stretch your arms behind your head, raise your right leg and reach with the opposite arm (left) to touch your knee.

Variation: You can change up this exercise a bit by raising your upper body off the floor slightly.

  • Doing different styles of crunches is also a good basic exercise. Lie on your back with and raise your legs in the air. Next, raise your upper body slightly off the floor and place your arms behind your head and twist your left side while pulling your right leg (or opposite knee and arm) closer to your head. The left elbow needs to be touching your right knee. After you’re done, repeat the exercise with the other side. Keep in mind that your legs should be off the ground at all times.

Variation: Do the exercise slowly or hold your body off the ground.

The Plank

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  • The plank is a fast growing core-exercise which strengthens your abdominals. Simply lie flat on your stomach and position your elbows underneath you, and then push up with your toes. Your elbows need to be positioned straight down from your shoulders and you should keep your back straight. Tuck your buttocks to create a straight line from heels to shoulders.

Variation: Work your abdominals even more by trying different versions of the plank.

  1. Upper Body Exercise

These exercises focus solely on your upper body.

Push Ups

  • Push-ups is one of the most famous exercise transition of the standard plank. While you’re in a plank position, lower yourself to the ground and switch to a push-up position.

Variation: If the standard push-up position is too hard for you, start off with knees on the ground and ankles crossed.

  1. Lower Body Exercises

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These exercises focus on your legs.

Buttock Exercises

  • Get down on all fours and place your hands directly below or in front of your shoulder line. Take your left leg and stretch it backwards and upwards above your body, as high as you can and in a smooth motion, slowly pull your leg back down and up to your chest. Once done, repeat this with your right leg.

Variation: Try to lift your opposite off the ground and reach up in front of you.


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  • Stand up an place your feet in line with your shoulders. Slowly balance and bend your legs at the knees with your arms positioned straight out in front of you. Then lower yourself in an almost-sitting position but make sure that your back is straight. From this “almost-sitting” position, push yourself back into a standing position and repeat it again.

Variations: If you’ve been squatting for some time and you don’t feel the workout, you can try holding weight.

The 4 Week Workout Plan!

The 4-week workout plan is split in two parts. The first week is the first part when you’ll be required to do these exercises in a shorter period of time, while the second part or the second week will involve longer bursts for more high-intensity training.

Always remember to start off with a stretch as it is the key to maintain strength and prevent injuries.

  • Week One

4 Minutes Core Exercises (2-minute abs and 2-minute planking)

1 Minute of Push Ups

4 Minutes of Lower Body (2 minutes of squats and 2 minutes of buttock exercises)

Between each category, take a 20 second break.

  • Week Two

Set One

3 Minutes of Basic Abs

3 Minutes Planking

3 Minutes of Push-Ups

Set Two

3 Minutes of Squats

3 Minutes of Buttock Exercises

3 Minutes of Buttock or Squats Variations Exercise

  • Week Three

Repeat the exercises from the first part (week 1) and add a minute onto each exercise regime in order to achieve better results.

  • Week Four

Repeat the exercises from the second part (week 2) and add three more minutes onto each exercise.

Repeating these exercises for 10 minutes 4 weeks in a row will bring incredible improvements in your body, shape, and mental state – try them out and you won’t regret it!

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