An Amazing Trend: Combination Of Lemon And Baking Soda

In the beginning, this trend was only used by small group of people, but nowadays it started to gain well-deserved recognition since numerous people worldwide got cured of their diseases. This combination was also proved by the scientists to destroy even the cancer cells.

Within 1970s, there were approximately 20 diverse studies on lemon, confirming its potent properties that kill even 12 different cancer types.

The results from these studies were confirmed by one of the major drug manufacturers. According to these findings, lemon prevent the expansion of cancer cells. It’s approximately 10 000 times more powerful than chemotherapy.

A potential cancer cure

According to researchers, lemon prevents cancer growth and development, and it can even cure this terrible disease. A mixture consisting of lemon and baking soda can does miracles to your health.

Baking soda also contributes to the prevention of cancer expansion, and at the same time, it controls the pH values in the body.

Being one of the most common treatment for cancer, chemotherapy is effective in cancer cells elimination. However, alongside the cancer cells, chemo destroys the healthy ones, as well. Opposite of chemotherapy, lemon and baking soda mixture targets only the cancer cells and doesn’t provoke any side-effects.

Mix 2 tbsp. of lemon juice with ½ tbsp. of baking soda and consume this mixture during the day before meals, for treatment of cancer. use only organic lemons because others contain chemicals. Alongside cancer treatment, lemon treat tumors and cysts as well.

Antimicrobial potential

Being rich in vitamin C, that is a powerful antimicrobial tool, lemon treats fungal and bacterial infections, too. In addition, it’s very effective in the fight against intestinal worms and parasites. Its regular consumption will reduce stress and control blood pressure.

If you are interested to see how much effective this baking soda-lemon combination is, watch the following video:


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