Another Intersting Leak: A Second NASA Scientist Tells Us That “Somebody Else” Is On The Moon

We live in a constantly evolving and changing world where it is safe to assume that not everything that is behind the scenes makes it in the public news. This is why the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) was created in the first place – to allow for partial or full disclosure of unreleased documents and information that are controlled by the government of the United States.

However there are still numerous obstacles to cross in the way of full transparence and one of them is called “national security” that makes sure vital information is kept hidden and classified from the public eye. Many WikiLeaks revelations have made this issue evident and have even taken it to the next level, stating that the U.S government classifies 500 000 000 million pages of documents every year. Since this issue is a complete separate topic for itself, we are going to recommend a “Black Budget” article that you can read up online for more information.

What NASA Scientists Say About the Moon

Believe it or not, it has happened many times for NASA personnel to slip up and make some shocking revelations about the Moon. The man who took photos of the Moon – George Leonard is one of the personnel who made a few statements and even released a book called “Somebody Else Is on the Moon”.

The photos he published were small in size with a bad resolution. However it was clearly visible that there were massive print details. There are of course many speculation whether the photos are real or not since their code can be changed whatsoever and due to their bad resolution, we cannot jump to conclusions.

It has been stated by Bob Dean, a retired US Army Command Sargent Major at a conference in Europe that 40 rolls of film from the trip to the Moon, around it and on it was erased and made unavailable for the eye of the public. Dean claims that they were labeled as “socially unacceptable”, “politically unacceptable” and “disruptive”.

But we aren’t the only ones curious. The Russian government called for an international investigation of the disappearance of the U.S Moon landing footage from 1969. They also referred to 400 kilos of lunar rock that they obtained during a few missions in the next few years.

Many speculations about NASA knowing about extraterrestrial activity on the Moon have been circling around and how NASA tried to hide that information, but Leonard, the one who argued about this, isn’t the only one to think this way.

According to Dr. Edgar Mitchell, ScD, NASA astronaut and also known as the 6-th man to walk on the Moon, the universe is a vast portion of space and without a doubt there is life, and some of that life is “visiting” us. The universe is exciting, complex and far more reaching than we were ever able to know up to this day. From the beginning of civilizations, we have wondered whether we are alone, and now we finally have the answer – WE ARE NOT!

A video of Dr. Brian O’Leary stating the same thing can be seen here.

However Leonard isn’t the only scientist from NASA to state some interesting and quite extraordinary facts about the Moon.

Dr. John Brandenburg who is a plasma scientist has also stated the same thing. Dr. Brandenburg was the deputy manager of the “Clementine” Mission to the Moon which was a project between NASA and BMDO (Ballistic Missile Defense Organization). It was this mission back in 1994 that discovered that the Moon’s poles contained water.

During the interview with him in the documentary below, he claims that the Clementine mission wis merely a cover-up to check if there was someone else building bases on our Moon that we didn’t know about.


He claims that on the pictures taken from the mission, a recto-linear structure could be seen that had looked completely artificial and could in no way be built by humans. This of course meant that someone else was already up there, and they were far more advanced.

Yet if you reveal this kind of information to a normal regular person living a normal regular life, you’d get some cynical looks when you tell them that another race and another civilization has mastered space-travel and are far more advanced than us.

This kind of information can be terrifying and overwhelming for some people and for now that is okay since not everyone has an open mind to possibilities like these. But like it or not, no matter how much we avoid it we are going to have to face it one day, since we are heading into the reality of an extraterrestrial contact. Therefore we need to start smartening up and take care of our planet because this “extraterrestrial future” might be hiding just around the corner.


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