Applause for People of The Internet – They Helped “Success Kid” Raise Money For His Dad’s Kidney Transplant

The father of the kid who achieved great internet fame as the “Success Kid”, Justin Griner, raised nearly $100,000 through a crowd-funding campaign to pay for his kidney transplant. Justin Griner is 39 years old became ill back 2006 and suffered kidney failure in 2009. He was forced to go on dialysis so the family set up a GoFundMe campaign last week in order to raise money for a transplant. The original goal was $75,000 but the good-hearted people of the internet helped surpass that goal. What a nice thing to do!

Sam Griner became the triumphant beachside “Success Kid” with his fist pump picture that went viral back in 2007. His mother Laney, the wife of Justin, set up the GoFundMe page to help cover the expensive treatments. In an interview with The Daily Dot, she stated that a kidney transplant was the only way to save Justin’s life. She also noted that Justin’s mother had passed away from the same disease.

It was only rational to help this family since they were one of the first people who understood the power of the internet as a mass of good-willed people when their son became internet-famous for a picture. All we can say is congratulations, the internet truly won this time!


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