The Arctic People are Hearing a Strange Humming Noise Originating from the Sea Floor

The Canadian military is currently investigating a strange noise that is eliminating from the sea floor near a remote outpost in the Arctic.

CBS News stated that the members of Igloolik, Nunavut community have been hearing an unidentifiable noise over the whole summer. So now, the Canadian Armed Forces are taking the “appropriate” steps to investigate what might be the cause of this.

The noise has been identified as a “hum” and a “beep” and has been heard in the Fury and Hecla Strait, which is somewhere around 120 km northwest of Igloolik.

This region has been known to be populated by a variety of sea mammals during the warmer times, and the mammals are usually hunted by local Inuit. The hunters have been picking up these strange sounds for a few months now, and they’ve stated that the sounds are scaring the wildlife away from the sea.

Even people who are visiting these areas with private yachts have reported hearing this mysterious hum. Not only can the sound be heard by those close to the surface of the water, but through the hull of the boats also.

CBS News stated that their reporters haven’t heard the noise themselves yet, but there have been multiple theories going around the region since the noise had sprung up.

One such theory is about the Baffin land Iron Mines Corporation. They’ve conducted a number of sonar surveys in the region which resulted in the confusion of many local whale and narwhal populations according to ecological activists. However the company stated that they haven’t been conducting any surveys this summer.

The local government also stated that they hadn’t issued any territorial permits to a company or a group for any kind of construction.

Others have stated that Greenpeace might be developing underwater sonar emitters to scare aquatic life away so that they don’t end up being hunted down.

The Department of National Defense noted that there had been a few submarines passing through the area that haven’t been ruled out, so it is unlikely that they’re the ones to put the blame on.

It is worth noting for all of the conspiracy-lovers that there is an active military base only 70 km away from Igloolik.

For now the origins of the noise are unexplained, but it any case, we’re sure it is not C’thulu.


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