You Can Eat These 15 Foods Freely And Not Gain Weight

For the people who want to keep their figure, there are good news: there are foods which can be eaten without limitations. These foods are high in fiber and they are low in calories. They will satiate your hunger without gaining weight. Like for example, celery stems will help you to detoxify your body since they are 95% water. A portion of baked or grilled eggplant has 24 kcal, meaning that you can enjoy this veggie in unlimited amounts.

Oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits – If you are about to lose weight, consumption of fruits in big quantities is not recommended, except from citrus fruits. They contain big amount of fiber, vitamin C, and flavonoids. They will improve your digestion, satiate you, and make you healthier.

Watermelon and melon – You can consume them day and night, because they have only 60 kcal per slice. They will excrete all excess liquids from the body.

Algae – Algae, including laminaria, are great source of iodine. At the same time, they balance hormonal level, and improve the thyroid function.

Zucchini – Containing only 42 kcal, one portion of zucchini stabilizes the ratio of salt-water. In addition, it improves the intestinal function.

Cucumber – It fights swelling and makes you slimmer without any side effects.

Beetroot – Similar to manganese, beetroot is a rich source of nutrients, as well. They regulate the levels of sugar in the blood. 1 portion is them has 40 kcal.

Eggs – they can be eaten at any time of the day without having fear of gaining weight.

Pineapple – It contains bromelain which splits fats actively and metabolize proteins.

Apples and plums – One apple has 50 kcal. It regulates your digestion. Plums, being rich in potassium and vitamin C, maintain your heart vessels.

Salad – being a rich source of folic acid, it can be eaten in limitless amounts. 1 leaf of lettuce has 3 kcal.

Berries: cranberry, currant, and strawberry – Cranberries and currants are high in vitamin C, and eliminate the excess amount of water in the body. Strawberries improve digestion and the cardiovascular system.

Broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower – 1 portion of cabbage has 7 kcal. You should eat cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli a couple of times per week.

And some more good news: Have dinner 3 hours before going to bed if you want to stay fit. If your go to bed at midnight, have your dinner at 8 p.m.


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