You Can Now Sleep Beneath The Stars In This Crazy Bubble Tent!

If you love camping to get away from all the noise and crowd of the city and if gazing at the stars all night is your most relaxing thing, then this tent is just for you! I This bubble tent is the perfect see-through tent that will keep you protected from mosquitoes while letting you stare at the stars all night and enjoy nature in full comfort.

All you need is a blower to keep it inflated, meaning that you will need an electrical power source, but at the end of it all – it is worth it!



The tent is designed for two people and it is completely fire retardant and waterproof. However, this comfort and joy comes at a price of $2,000 but its still worth it if you’re a diehard camper and camping enthusiast.

The tent is available to purchase online at shopping websites.

So what do you think about this tent, would you sleep in it and if so, what would be your favorite thing about it? Share your thoughts with us down below in the comments.


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