You Can Tell If Your Stomach Acid Is Too Weak By Using Just 1 Beet

Are you familiar with the fact that beets actually can help you determine the acid levels in your stomach? All you have to do is to eat this vegetable and pay special attention to your urine’s color. If it’s clear, it means that the stomach acids are OK, but if it has pink color, it means that the stomach acids are too weak.

The right pH value is essential because it eases the digestion process of protein and vitamin B12. The deficiency in these acids can affect the digestion of protein, and might end in the intestines causing numerous problems, such as leaky gut.

Leaky gut is a situation where the gluten particles make holes in the small intestine through which the undigested food enter in the bloodstream.

Improper B12 absorption causes fatigue, that might lead to mental and physical problems. However, doing regular check will help you to identify and address the problem. You will find beets very helpful.

Half an hour before eating your meals, drink 2 glasses of water

Water protects your stomach from the acids by creating a sack. On the basis on the findings of the Ayurvedic experts, the stomach stimulates the hydrochloric acid secretion.

Take a big sip of organic ACV

For every glass of water you drink, use 1 tbsp. of vinegar.

Health benefits of beets:

Anticancer power

According to many studies, beets promote remission in the cancer patients. What they used for elimination of tumors, was the beet powder. Beet juice contains high content of folate, antioxidants, potassium, and betalains.

Healthy food

Beets are among the top 5 healthy foods. They stimulate digestion, increase libido, regulate the blood pressure, and etc. No matter if you juice, grill, or shred your beets, they will work their magic.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Betaine reduce inflammation and protects the body. The nutrients that can be found in beets can protect organs and prevent chronic diseases development.


Pigment in beets promotes the detoxifying capacity of the body. Being attracted to molecules, toxins are later eliminated from the body.


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