Check Your Blood Type – It Might Show You That Your DNA Is an Alien!

According to some recent theories, people having Rh – blood type have an ‘alien DNA’. Researchers found out that this blood type does not possess evolutionary genes derived from rhesus monkeys like other humans.

So, if all humans come from monkeys, why some of them don’t have the rhesus monkey gene?

A, B,AB, and O are the four common blood types. Each of them differs thanks to its proteins that the blood it contains. However, when it comes to Rh – blood type, it doesn’t have these proteins. 10% or 15% of the population have this blood type.

Scientists question where this blood type comes from. If you look back approximately 35,000 years before, you will discover that this blood type is linked to specific groups or tribes. The greatest incidence of this blood type has the Europeans. The Asian people have 1% of it, while the African-Americans have 3%.

This blood type brings higher IQ, more emotional and physical awareness, lower body temperature, red hair, having green or blue colored eyes, and being sensitive to heat.

In addition, if we look at the pregnant women, this blood type brings, even more, mystery. Pregnant women with Rh- blood type have difficulties in delivering babies with Rh+ blood type because their bodies try to kill and attack naturally the fetus.

In case you question why here is the answer: the new theories suggest that an alien life influences this blood type. Moreover, what’s even stranger is that each person who had reported that interacted with aliens or abducted by them has Rh- blood type.

The theory that aliens visited our planet Earth is possible. They have been doing for centuries, and because of that, they have mixed the genetics of mankind. After all, history through various ancient depictions and texts has shown that the humans were visited by beings and creature which are not of this world.


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