Consume This Fruit And Make Your Liver 20+ Years Younger!

Our liver is one of the most important organs, which is why it is highly important that we take special care of it, and avoid damaging it in any way, as it can result in chaos all over our body and health.

Our liver is considered to be the main filtration organ of the body, with the majority of toxins passing through it for elimination. Proteins are also produced in the liver with the help of vitamin K, which is important for preventing blood clots and breaking down old red blood cells to clear the way and make place for new ones.

Despite being able to regenerate, if our liver is damaged, toxins and harmful properties will start accumulating in the blood and this will result in a weakened immune system which will make you more prone to various conditions and diseases. Therefore, we must always maintain a clean liver.

The most common causes for a damaged liver are excess weight, unhealthy diet, excessive smoking and drinking alcohol as well as medication and other bad habits. Fortunately, consuming this one amazing fruit can restore its proper function and optimal health. This tropical fruit is of course – tamarind!

Tamarind has long been used as a natural remedy throughout Asia and Africa, and it is still used today as a natural remedy for cardiovascular conditions as well as gastrointestinal diseases and liver damage. Tamarind will improve your digestion and detoxify the whole body, while boosting your overall health. Down below is a recipe which includes tamarind, and it can help you treat most common liver problems.

Start off by mixing two handfuls of peeled tamarind in a blender, before adding a liter of water and mixing again. Once done, strain the mixture and consume the smoothie throughout the whole day.

On top of that, you can try another remedy to help you fight liver damage – tamarind tea. Put 25 washed tamarind leaves in a pot of water before boiling the mixture for 25 minutes and setting it to side to cool down afterwards. Do not add any sweeteners and drink 2 cups of this tea a day.

Tamarind Health Benefits:

  • It improves digestion and treats most digestive problems
  • It reduces the body acidity and stimulates the bile function in the liver
  • Tamarind reduces the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and improves cardiovascular health
  • If consumed regularly, tamarind reduces the effects of hepatitis
  • It contains antioxidants such as naringenin and phenols that fight cancer
  • Tamarind is rich in vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and supports a number of body processes
  • Tamarind tea can reduce malarial fever
  • It is rich in minerals such as iron, thiamin, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, fiber, copper, niacin
  • It helps relieve intestinal infections in both adults and children


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