Consuming Fruit on Empty Stomach

Stephen Mak is a doctor known for his unconventional treatment of terminally ill cancer patients. His method is quite odd as it doesn’t involve the conventional chemotherapy treatment, or the dugs that cause the harmful side-effects.

Dr. Mak has achieved a success rate of 80% in curing cancer in his patients. He strongly believes that the cure for cancer has already been found, and that it is in the way we consume fruits.

Consuming Fruit

Believe it or not, eating fruit is far more complicated than buying them, slicing them and putting them in our mouths. It involves precisely knowing when to eat the fruits and in what way.

According to scientific research done by Dr. Mak, fruits should be eating on an empty stomach, not after meals. Eating fruits on empty stomach will play a vital role in the detoxification of your body, and supplying your body with energy and stimulating weight loss.

Bananas may cause you to go to the bathroom, durian may cause your stomach to bloat and watermelon may cause you to burp, but believe it or not, none of those effects would be there if you consumed these fruits on an empty stomach. And the myth about acidic fruits is totally not true, as all fruits become alkaline once they reach our body.

Another thing we have to pay special attention to, is fruit juices. If you’re drinking fruit juice, make sure you’re drinking fresh fruit juice, not from cans, bottles or packs. Avoid drinking cooked or heated fruit juices as you won’t get any nutrients at all. All you will get is the taste.

Down below, we’ve made a list of fruits that you should consume during a 3-day fruit fast to cleanse and completely detoxify your body. Simply consume the fruits and drink fresh fruit juice during these 3 days, and you will be surprised of the incredible effects and how radiant you look.

  • Kiwi

Small but strong, kiwi is an excellent source of magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, fiber as well as vitamin C.

  • Apple

Although apples have low vitamin C content, they’re packed with flavonoids and antioxidants which enhance the activity of vitamin C, lowering the risks of heart attack, colon cancer and stroke.

  • Strawberry

Strawberries are a incredible protective fruit. They have the highest antioxidant power among major fruits and they protect the body from blood vessel-clogging and cancer-causing free radicals.

  • Watermelon

Watermelons are the most famous summer fruit. They’re 92% water and are packed with glutathione – a compound which helps boost the overall immune system.

  • Guava and Papaya

They are the top vitamin C fruits you can find. Guava is also packed with fiber, which prevents constipation and papaya is packed with carotene which has been known to improve vision.


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