Cure Joint Pain Using Only Lemon Peel – Doctors Are Shocked!

The majority of us know about the health benefits lemon can provide as it is the most cultivated fruit in the world, packed with minerals and vitamins such as C, A, B1, B6, folic acid, bioflavonoids, pectin, potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

These minerals and vitamins all play a significant role in protecting your body from a large number of illnesses and diseases such as diabetes and many more. Consuming lemons or lemon juice on daily basis will improve digestion, boost your immune system, energy levels and maintain proper intestines, stomach and liver health.

Morning sickness in pregnant women can also be eliminated by drinking lemon juice diluted with water, freshly made as it will ease up the vomiting urges.

But little did most people know, the lemon peel is also packed with health benefits of its own. It is antiseptic and its leaves from the lemon tree can treat and reduce fever symptoms, as well as joint pain.

The lemon peel is packed with rich essential oils which soothe blood vessels and have anti-inflammatory properties which neutralize nerve pain. Down below we’re going to show you the two best ways of using lemons for treating joint pain:

  1. Start off by grating some lemon peel, but make sure that you grate only the yellow part as the white part underneath doesn’t have any value. Apply this grated peel on the affected area and place a bandage over it. Let it sit for 2 hours, and then remove it.
  2. Take 2 lemons, peel them, then place them in a glass jar and pour some olive oil over them before closing the jar tightly. Let it sit like this for 2 weeks, and once it has passed, the oil is ready to use. Apply gauze dipped in the lemon oil on the affected area, and secure it with a bandage. Let it sit on the joints overnight, and remove it in the morning.


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