Don’t Buy The Fruit At Any Cost If You See This Label – This Is Why!

A large number of studies have shown that GMO’s can cause serious health conditions and have a terrible effect on the human health.

But despite the growing opposition, the number of foods that are being genetically modified is growing every day.

And although making a difference between these foods can be hard, you should try to find other sources than your big grocer chain to buy organic foods from.

No matter where you’re buying products from, always look for the USDA certificate, as this signifies that the product is non-GMO. Also start buying from local farmer markets cabins which are also not GMO.

Look for the Numbers

Each fruit label has its numbers that show important info about the products. Each label contains a different number, and here is what those numbers mean.

This is highly important as it will help you indicate whether a product is harmful for your health or not.

  • Number 3 and 4

These two numbers mean that the product is not GMO but it grew in farms with pesticides and chemicals.

  • Number 9

Number 9 means that the fruit is completely organic, grown without chemicals.

  • Number 8

This number means that the food is GMO.

Be extremely careful when purchasing products the next time you go grocery shopping.

For other useful tips on how to tell the difference between harmful and healthy products, watch the video below:



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