Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Before Going To Bed – It Will Change Your Life!

We’ve discussed the health benefits of apple cider vinegar in many previous articles but researchers keep finding new benefits and uses for it every day. Down below we have a list of 10 more ways to use ACV for health and home uses!

  1. Weight loss

According to a certain study, lack of sleep can make you fat. ACV has been known to stop the accumulation of fat in tissues and stop cravings. Trust us when we say that chips and other snacks are not your friend if you’re trying to lose weight – but ACV is definitely your friend!

  1. Stop hiccups

ACV’s taste can affect the nerves in our throat that are responsible for causing hiccups. The next time you have a hiccup, swallow a teaspoon of bitter vinegar and you’ll notice a relief right away.

  1. Sore throat treatment

Raw apple cider vinegar creates an alkaline environment that prevents nasty bacteria from thriving in our throat. A teaspoon of acv an hour before going to bed will treat your sore throat thanks to its antibacterial properties.

  1. Clear stuffy nose

ACV can be of great help when it comes fighting allergies. It is rich in vitamins A, E, B1, B2 as well as minerals like magnesium and potassium. This clears clogged sinuses and thins the mucus. Simply add a teaspoon of acv in a glass of water and drink it before going to bed.

  1. Treat acid reflux

ACV balances the acidity in your stomach. Just add 1 tablespoon of acv in a glass of water and drink it 1 hour before going to bed.

  1. Reduce nocturnal leg cramping

Potassium deficiency is often known to cause sharp pain in the lower limbs. ACV is rich in potassium and can greatly help to bring balance to the body. Just add 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of warm water and drink it before going to bed to avoid cramps.

  1. Lower blood sugar

Blood sugar is a well-known cause for insomnia. However it is in cases like these when apple cider vinegar can help as it increases the insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar. Consume 2 tablespoons of vinegar before going to bed in order to lower your blood sugar.

  1. Halitosis

Bacteria in our oral cavity can be one of the main causes for bad breath. Use acv to kill the bacteria and maintain a fresh breath. Consume 1 tablespoon of vinegar before going to bed.

  1. Relieve stomachache

An upset stomach can keep anyone up all night. If you too are facing a problem with an upset stomach, consume a teaspoon of vinegar with a cup of warm water and drink it before sleep to reduce cramps.

  1. Prevent indigestion

Insomnia is usually connected with indigestion. In cases involving bloating, nausea and acid reflux, acv can be of great help. In a cup of warm water, add some honey and a teaspoon of vinegar and drink it 30 minutes before going to bed.

Source: healthyfoodandhomeremedies.com


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