How to Eliminate Canker Sores Inside the Mouth without Using Any Medicine

We’re all aware of a common oral health issue by the name of canker sore.

They’re small white spots that can pop up at any place inside your oral cavity (inside the cheeks, lips, gums or under the tongue) and what is bad about them is the fact that they cause extreme pain when .

However they’re not to be confused with fever blisters, which usually appear on the corners of the mouth or outside of the lips.

When it comes to their pain and irritability, it is interesting to know that it takes only a few days for the canker sores to get to their peak.

Fortunately, the canker sores don’t hurt as much when they first appear, which gives you some time to do something about them and make them disappear, before they turn seriously painful.

Fortunately, a simple trick will easily eliminate this common but incredibly painful problem for you, and the best part about it is that you won’t need any expensive medicine or special remedy.

The anti-canker sore remedy is % natural and easily prepared. Just take a glass of water and add a teaspoon of salt in it. Take a sip from the water, swish it around the mouth, gargle it for a few seconds, then spit it out.

You can also warm up some water and add lemon juice to it. Drink the water before going to bed and when you wake up the next morning you’ll be completely free of canker sores.

NOTE: It is important to not add any amount of sugar to the water in both recipes.



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