The Entire World Is Celebrating The Announcement Of The Official Vaccine Against Diabetes!

About 1 million individuals suffer from type-1 diabetes in the United States alone. A tuberculosis vaccine that was invented 100 years ago has shown a promise in reversing this illness. The vaccine is considered safe as it is now typically utilized for treating bladder cancer.

An announcement was made at the 75th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association that the FDA will be testing the vaccine on 150 volunteers which are currently in an innovative stage of type-1 diabetes.

The body of a type-1 diabetes patient doesn’t have the ability to produce insulin, due to damage done to the insulin-creating cells by the immune system. The pancreatic islets produce T cells, where the insulin is produced, and the way the vaccine works is that it removes these T cells.

Diabetes patients injected with the vaccine noticed an improvement and a boost in the levels of a compound called tumor necrosis factor.

They were injected with the tuberculosis vaccine two times during a time period of 4 weeks and the results showed that the harmful T cells were completely eliminated, and some patients had even started producing insulin on their own.

The director of the Massachusetts General Healthcare facility and Immuno-biology Laboratory in Boston, Dr. Denise Faustman is very positive and optimistic about the results of this tuberculosis vaccine.

He stated that they won’t stop testing the vaccine just yet, as they’ll be soon attempting to treat even far more advanced illnesses.

A brand new trial will be taking place where individuals between the ages of 18 and 60 will be tested and injected with the vaccine twice in a 4 week period, and then once a year every 4 years.



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