Find Out What The Color Of Your Urine States About Your Health!

The smell, consistency and color of our urine can often tell a lot of the way we live and our well-being, as well as our diet, and health conditions.

Although urine is 95% water, the rest is a complicated brew of sodium, potassium, urea, chloride, creatinine and dissolved ions and substances. The most common and usual color of urine is yellow and it is triggered by a biochemical waste product created in the process of breakdown of old red blood cells – urobillin..

Down below we have listed a few types of urine colors and a short description of what they say about your health:

  1. Transparent

Transparent urine can often be a sign of over-hydration, and although it is not as serious as dehydration, it can cause watering down of essential salts, and therefore cause a chemical imbalance in the blood.

  1. Light Yellow

Light yellow color means that you’re well-hydrated.

  1. Cloudy

Cloud urine often looks like an unclean martini, and it often signifies a bladder infection.

  1. Medium yellow

It looks like lemonade on first glance, and it signifies that you might be dehydrated and it is time for you to drink some water.

  1. Dark yellow

If your urine looks like an apple juice, this means that you’re deprived of liquid OR you’re heavily under vitamin B.

  1. Orange

Orange color means that your body needs water or that you might have bilirubin – a compound which causes the breakdown of old red blood cells. Another thing it can signify is the obstructions of gallstones bile duct, or a liver disease.

  1. Pink

Pink pee can be a result of over-consuming beet late at nights. It also might signify that you have blood in your urine, which calls for an immediate doctor appointment.

  1. Darker pink

This means that there is surely some blood in your urine, or that you might have a bladder infection or cancer.

  1. Dark pink

This looks like wine and it might signify a great deal of blood. Immediately contact an urologist if you see this.

  1. Brown

This pee looks like Coke. It can be a result of taking drugs such as anti-malarial or liver and kidney disorders. Exercising hard can also cause the muscles to utilize myoglobin to catch oxygen for energy which can result in brown urine. If you see this, it is highly advisable to see an urologist right away.

  1. Blue/Green

Blue or green urine can result from consuming lots of synthetic-dye packed food. Just keep consuming water but contact an urologist just to be sure.

Down below is a chart that will further explain the meaning of the colors:



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