For the First Time Ever, Cannabis Oil Will Be Legally Used in a Hospital — To Save a 2-Month Old Baby Girl

Nicole and Ernie Nunez was a happy couple who looked forward to a new happy life with their newborn baby girl Amylea.

However, one day after they got home, little Amylea had a seizure that was a rare form of epilepsy. Even the doctors didn’t know what type it was.

The couple started trying everything to treat her daughter, but the doctors, unable to detect what causes the seizures, were unable to treat her. The family then moved to Colorado in search for answers.

Colorado doctors tried numerous treatment drugs and options that were either not working or had bad side effects. Then Ernie decided to try cannabis oil which is legal in the state of Colorado. She stated that the medications they were currently giving her were hard on her liver, so they had to try something that had no bad side-effects on her body.

There were numerous cases before where children had serious health issues that were treated by cannabis oil, so the Nunez family wanted to give it a try too. Another thing that motivated them was a story of a girl named Charlotte that had seizures and was miraculously treated with cannabis.

Nicole stated that she fought with the doctors for weeks in order for them to give her the “Okay” so she can try the oil.

And finally this week, doctors finally gave in and decided to let little Amylea undergo a treatment with cannabis oil. And the results were AMAZING.

After a couple of successful treatments, little Amylea is in a stable condition and is getting healthier every day. After this story, Activist post makes a great point stating that if in one state the cannabis oil is used to treat epilepsy and seizures along with cancer and in another state the government imprisons and kidnaps the users, something must be done about it.



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