Fix This Hormone Immediately If You Want To Lose Weight

Every person in this world has tried to lose weight for a certain period of their life and knows how hard it can be. The main responsibility for that is leptin, the hormone which interrupts the process of losing weight.  Released from the fat cells, leptin is responsible for balancing the body weight and the energy levels.

The main role of leptin is to signal the brain if you need to eat less or more. Moreover, it promotes the function of the sympathetic nervous system, thus encouraging the fat tissue to burn even more energy. However, there are numerous situations where the body gives a resistance to this hormone.

Generally speaking, this case happens when the leptin cannot reach the targets so it can balance the appetite. Or, it may also happen when the function of the leptin receptors fails and by so doing, the signals are not sent to the cells so they can respond to leptin. These cases mostly occur in overweight and obese people.

If the leptin levels are high for a long time, then the person might lose the sensitivity to it and the brain cannot obey the signals which the leptin sends to stop eating and accelerate the metabolism.

The most common signals of leptin resistance are:

Weight gain

Stress eating

Uncontrollable cravings

Late night eating

Trouble falling or staying asleep

Increased blood pressure

Inability to lose weight

Increase in triglycerides

Sugar cravings

Frequent anxiety

Urge for snacks after meals

Lack of motivation

Fatigue, especially after eating

To reverse leptin and insulin resistance, stop consuming:


High dietary fat


Fructose corn syrup

Instead of that, try to include more organic and whole foods into your diet.  Eat monosaturated and saturated healthy fats that you can get from coconut, avocado, coconut oil, butter, nuts, and animal fats.

Avoid processed foods and reduce the carbs intake. Eat more protein and soluble fiber.

Do exercises on a regular basis because they will restore the body balance and reverse leptin resistance.

Sleep well because sometimes, the problems with the levels of leptin can occur as a result of sleep disorders and sleep deficiency.


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