The Full Pontential Of The Brain: How To Naturally Hallucinate Without Taking Any Psychedelics Or Drugs

When hallucinations are mentioned, the first thing that pops into our minds are drugs, alcohol or poisoning. Many people view psychedelics and hallucinations with a bad connotation however the act of hallucination itself isn’t dangerous, there are only dangerous methods to achieve hallucinations.

The mainstream media that our lives revolve around is constantly trying to “demonize” the hallucination making it seem like a symptom of drug or a mental issue. However, in today’s article we are going to show you a completely natural way to dive more deep into your own psyche and hallucinate. This is extremely useful when it comes to realising plans and such things and implementing them in reality.

We are talking about “The Ganz Feld Effect”. It is a method used by many people to liberate their consciousness from our “reality” that we perceive.

But what exactly is the Ganz Feld effect?

Although having roots from Ancient Greek culture, The Ganz Feld effect was first mentioned and theorized about in the 1930’s by a psychologist by the name of Wolfgang Metzger. When translated from German to English, the term means “complete field” that allows you full access to hidden depths of our brains that can be achieved only through sensory deprivation.

Metzger had a theory that a complete sensory deprivation from our external senses would open our brains for further activity. This started in ancient Greece back when people went to pitch black caves in order to hallucinate, and it has been reported even today by many miners to start hallucinating and having visions in the pitch black mines. That is not all – even arctic explorers have reported to experience how their mind state was altered as a result of their conditions.

Metzger’s experiments on his patients showed that sensory deprivation without a doubt can cause hallucinations. The experiment required his patient to be blindfolded and placed in a silent room, therefore freeing their minds so they could wander from reality and allow them to create realistic and vivid images and visions. The process however showed that the hallucinations are more likely to start faster in a well-lit room since the pitch blackness can sometimes kick start the processes connected with sleep.

Since then, many conducted studies and tons of research has concluded that an empty field of vision can create some healthy and steady hallucinations.

Also, the simplicity of this theory and experiment makes it perfectly easy and normal for you to try it at home.

How to Naturally Hallucinate

To replicate the Ganz Feld effect is extremely easy and it doesn’t require any expensive scientific equipment.

Items you’re going to need:

  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • A radio
  • Evenly lighted room with overhead light
  • A ping pong ball


Start off by cutting the ping pong ball in half. Then turn on the radio and set it to a frequency with no station and connected the headphones into the radio. Play the static sound at low volume so you can block out any other sound. Next, take the two pieces of ping pong balls and tape them you’re your eyes.

Now all you have to do is be patient and let your mind wonder. The power of your imagination are opening whenever you remove yourself from the noisy and random image-filled reality that we live in every day.

What you see on your first try is hard to tell since it is different for every individual, but whatever it is, remain calm and patient and continue to explore your mind.

Keep in mind that our “reality” is constantly changing and being shaped by what and how our minds perceive. By depriving ourselves from our senses just a few times a week, we might just have a higher chance of better understanding the true nature of the world and reality we live in.



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