Get Rid Of Neck and Double Chin Fat With These Simple Exercises

No one in this world would like to have a double chin. Sometimes, it can occur as a result of obesity, but at some people, it’s just a sign of weak muscles. Fortunately, it can be easily eliminated with a minimal effort. What you will only need to do is to tone up your neck muscles. The following exercises will help you to strengthen your neck, chin, and jaw muscles. They might seem to you ridiculous, but they will provide you with the desired result.

These exercises can be trained. All you have to do is to watch the woman in the video below and repeat after her. If you do them consistently, you will easily get rid of the double chin. You can do these exercises anytime and anywhere.

To get rid of the double chin, make the below exercises 7 times on a daily basis:

Warm-up – Just move your chin forward and backward.

“Spade” – Open the mouth wide and bend your lower lip inwardly. Then, close it by pulling your lower jaw as if you scoop water.

Relax muscles – Move your jaw down and up.

“Kiss of the ceiling” –Lift your face up, look towards the ceiling and blow kisses towards it.

Touch the nose – Stick out the tongue and try reaching your nose.

Resistance – Put the elbows on a table and place your chin on the fists. Then, push it against the fists, and by so doing, try to surpass the resistance.

The “Triangle of Youth” –Turn your head to the left side and the lower jaw forward. Thus, strain your neck muscles. Next, turn the head on the other side and repeat the same.



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