The Government in the U.S. Finally Approved: Marijuana Really Kills Cancer Cells

The idea that cannabis can treat cancer successfully was once seen as a radical concept. But now, it seems that it has been finally accepted by authoritative bodies.

The U.S Department of Health and its branch the National Cancer Institute admits that cannabis oil is a suitable method for cancer controlling.

It was reported by Amy Willis that cannabinoids are quite useful in the process of cancer treatment, no matter if they are consumed by eating them in baked products, through smoking, drinking herbal teas, or spraying them under the tongue.

The previous studies and researches about the cannabis oil were limited to independent.

They weren’t endorsed by the official health organizations or by the government, because this tremendous change would initiate the start of new funded studies and nationwide treatment.

On the official site of the government there is a list of all positive effects that cannabis oil has in the cancer treatment, including relieving inflammation and pain, relief of anxiety and stress, anti-tumor and antiviral activity, and relieving muscle spasms, that is provoked by multiple sclerosis.

This backing by the government is an enormous step forward in the proper direction. Cannabis oil has once again proved itself to be successful treatment for numerous conditions.

According to Willis, only a few scientific studies suggested this big discovering in the past, but in April this year, the National Institute on Drug Abuse in America revised all of their publications and admitted that cannabis shrinks brain tumors by destroying the cancer cells.


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