Grow Your Own Blueberries At Home

If blueberries are one of your favorite fruits and you want to consume them on a daily basis, then you should think about growing blueberries on your own instead of buying them from the markets and paying enormous prices. It’s easy and you would wish you have done that before.

Planting your bush:

The optimal season for planting the bush is fall or spring. You can put the bush in raised beds, patio containers, or directly in the ground. Regardless of your choice, pay attention to the soil: it need to be well drained and well worked.

In addition, the sun pays important role as well, so chose a place where the bush will be exposed to sun constantly. Moreover, water it regularly or place the bush near sprinkling system.

As soon as you chose the best location, determine the space for it. Make sure it’s 1-foot-deep and 2.5 feet in diameter. Dig up ½ of the soil and replace it with soaked peat moss. Then, shuffle it well.

Before putting the plant in the ground, straighten its roots. When so doing, leave it ½ inch above the surface and then stomp tightly the soil around it and bury any remaining exposed roots. Water it on a regular basis and take care of it.

First, until the bush grows well, water it regularly. Then, it’s going to start producing fruits. It’s recommended to remove some flowers during blooming and to prune your bush annually.

To improve its growth, you can use fertilizers. But, be careful since blueberries are quite sensitive to fertilization. Manures fertilizers can damage your bush, therefore don’t use them.

Using of sawdust, acid compost, bark as mulches, or grass clippings is good for its shadow roots.


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