Heal Stomach Ulcers, Detoxify Your Liver and Prevent Inflammation Using Only Cabbage

Cabbage, a low-calorie veggie that promotes human health. Being rich in fiber, its healing properties are commonly known for thousands of years by the people. Science backed up these exceptional healing characteristics nowadays.

This veggie has potent anti-inflammatory features that improve bone health and colon. Consumption of raw cabbage will heal stomach ulcer and various other digestive disorders.

Health Benefits Of Cabbage

Take a look at the following top 5 crucial reasons for introducing cabbage into your diet right now:

  1. Heals peptic ulcer

A juice consisting of 1 cabbage, 2 green apples, 6 celery ribs, ½ a lemon, and one ginger root will provide amazing results in the treatment of peptic ulcer.

  1. As detox for stomach and colon

Eating raw cabbage will detoxify both the colon and stomach. In addition, it will reduce diarrhea and relieve inflammation of the intestine. In order to absorb all the benefits from the cabbage, you should start drinking a couple of glasses of cabbage juice on a daily basis. It will work wonders for peptic ulcers.

  1. Blood-building

People suffering from anemia are advised to drink minimum 1 glass of cabbage juice on a daily basis since it is rich in chlorophyll and blood-building features, both of which are essential for thickening of the quality of the blood.

  1. Weight loss

Thanks to the detoxifying and diuretic features of the cabbage, it is ideal for promotion of weight loss in a natural way.

  1. Liver detox

When having a desire to overcome hangovers, drink 1 glass of cabbage juice. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory features of the cabbage juice, it will eliminate the dehydration effects and the headache which occurred as a result of an intoxicated liver.

Besides internal consumption, cabbage is extremely beneficial for outer application too. It can be used as an anti-inflammatory tool for a swollen cuticle, gland, or a breast during breastfeeding. In order to relieve sore spots, blisters, and wounds, take a couple of cabbage leaves and wash them well. Then, roll them flat by using a bottle and heat them. At the end, apply them on the affected part. Leave it to act for at least 2 hours and if needed, repeat the whole procedure once again.

Consumption Tips

The fastest and optimal way to get the most of the benefits from the cabbage is by drinking its fresh juice. But, you can use whenever you like the most, either as a juice or eating it raw in a salad. There exist 3 cabbage types which can be equally consumed.

The most recommended one is the savoy cabbage for warding off cancer. This type of cabbage is high in sinigrin which is a glucosinolate that contains amazing preventative characteristics against prostate, bladder, and colon cancers.

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