Here’s How To Eliminate Toxins From Your Cells That Make Fat And Swollen!

Although the human body is specially designed to remove toxins from itself, the environment nowadays doesn’t allow that, causing over-toxicity in some of the organs. Toxins are divided in 2 groups: water-soluble and fat-soluble. The first one can be easily removed through the kidneys and blood, but the latter are a real challenge because they include pesticides, heavy metals, preservatives, pollutants, food additives, plastic, and etc. In order to be flushed out, first of all, they need to be transformed into water-soluble by the liver. But, if the liver cannot do that, the toxins escape and expand to the fat cells, blood, and brain, where can live for so many years, leading to numerous diseases. Luckily, if we keep the stress and digestion under control, we can prevent the storage of toxins in our body parts.

How it works

When you eat a meal, the toxic and nutritional fat go to the small intestine where are emulsified by the bile which is secreted from the liver. Here, thousands of mucus membranes that are called lacteals and villi sweep the gut, thus absorbing the nutritional fats and transferring the toxic fats to the liver for further processing before final elimination. If this process is impaired, then instead of eliminating them, the body will store the toxic fats.

The most important ½ inch of the body

The beginning of the lymphatic system is called GALT (Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue). It’s called the most important ½ inch of the body since it surrounds the intestinal tract. There, the villi absorbs both fat types from the food. ¼ inch of the internal wall of the intestinal wall need to have mucus membranes that perform normally, and ¼ inch of the outer part of the gut must not be blocked.

The lymphatic system leads the absorbed fats to the liver in order to be divided: the good fats will start creating cell membranes, cholesterol, hormones, skin, brain cells, and etc., while the toxic ones will be processed and eliminated. But, in case the lymphatic system is impaired, this process will be blocked. If you have a congested GALT that affects the lymphatic system, you will have the following symptoms: bloating, excess belly fat, skin irritation, swollen limbs, itching, swollen breasts, headaches, hypersensitivity, and etc.

It’s all about elimination

Stress or unhealthy diet might affect the mucus membranes (villi) in the intestines and impair the function of the bowels. Continuous stress can even cause constipation and produce reactive mucus. If there is too much of it, you will have a normal stool but you will be bloated. In case it’s excessive, it might cause loose stool. That’s why you need to check your stool from time to time.

What Will Happen If You Do Planks Every Day?

Doing planks on a daily basis will lead to breaking down of the health of the intestinal wall and all of the toxins will return to the liver. In order to overcome this issue, the villi should neither be too wet nor too dry. You must achieve a delicate balance.

Where do the toxic fats go?

Bile eats all fats and at the same time, it acts as an immune system responder within the digestive tract. Also, it gathers all chemicals which can potentially endanger our organism. As time passes by, the liver might congest and the bile becomes sludgy, making it difficult to to process fatty foods, such as hamburgers. It might even become thick and will start to buffer the stomach acids which enter the small intestine and irritates the villi.

What happens when the liver is overwhelmed?

When the liver is overwhelmed with toxins and bile, it releases the fat-soluble toxins in the blood flow that eventually will be stored in the fat cells for years, causing degeneration and oxidation. The toxins will later reach fatty tissues in the brain, transforming eventually into neurotoxins that provoke health imbalances and cognitive issues.

To burn the toxins, burn fat

The crucial thing in Ayurveda medicine is to make your body to burn fat, because in that way it will flush out all the toxins fat cells. As soon as the nervous system operates without stress, the body can easily and naturally burn fat. There are numerous methods to burn fat, but leading a healthy lifestyle is the key point of it. The detox and fat-burning process lies primarily in the digestive tract, bile flow, and the lymph.

Food allergies and incapacity to absorb the ‘good’ fats

We can’t absorb the good fats when the lymph and villi around the gut become congested. This is the major cause for dairy, wheat, and soy allergies. These kind of foods are extremely hard to digest since they contain great amounts of mucus. When there is an excessive mucus in the gut, it might cause irritation of the intestinal walls and increase the production of mucus, which will impair the capacity of the intestinal wall to perform as a health barrier.

Whenever you have loose stools or constipation, you need to compromise the assimilation and detoxification pathways. If you eat heavy meal and have a feeling like it’s stuck in your stomach, compromise your bile flow in order not to store toxic fats in your body. There are certain ways which will help you to achieve that. In Ayurveda medicine, there are methods that are particularly aimed at flushing the lymph system, protecting the intestinal walls, and de-stagnation of the liver and bile. They are created to flush out the bile, eliminate toxins from your fat cells, and to reset the fat metabolism.



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