The Importance Of Understanding Your Dark Side – Shadow Aspects


Almost everyone was afraid of the dark when we were just children. But we never stopped to question what this fear was because it felt like we were just supposed to be afraid of the darkness and what might hide in it. It’s like we felt that it was a bad and a scary thing that might hurt us.

And yet all those mixed emotions of fear just seemed to disappear whenever you turned the lights on. Although we learned that darkness was just a part of nature and the environment, we also subconsciously learned to associate darkness with unknown and scary and this subconsciously led to us constantly suppressing our dark emotions and thoughts.

However turning on the “lights” on our dark emotions and thoughts is far more challenging and harder than it is in a regular room. And we do what is easier for us – avoid it.

But whether or not we like to accept our dark side, it is there and it is powerful, and we have to understand how it functions.

Understanding Our Darkness

The fear of our dark side continued to grow along with us and it is a part of us that influences our decisions and choices more than we think.


In reality, we are putting an extreme amount of effort in suppressing and hiding our dark side from everyone else and even ourselves, but we continuously fail to see that our dark side, although bad – can also provide us with lot of strengths.

Past reasons have made us hide and deny our darkness and shadow without even thinking of exploring it.

Believe it or not, in many spiritual teachings, hiding our shadow and darkness is the highest form of betrayal. It is a betrayal towards ourselves since we spend time living in secrecy and manipulation, hiding our “whole-self” so that people won’t reject us and “expose” us.

As we mentioned above, our darkness can be a weakness and strength. Only by becoming fully aware of what it is and how it functions we will be able to use it as strength. However if we ignore our shadow qualities then the results will be damaging towards our character, behavior, and our brain.

However the more we explore and become aware of what our shadow is, then we have a higher chance for a transformation and healing.

When We Go Through Shadow and Fire, We Deepen Our Spirituality

In order to grow spiritually, we have to explore and understand our shadow. Focusing on the finding light we stay away from emotions of jealousy, guilt, greed, shame and competition, but it is these exact emotions that we have to work through in order to reach our lighter sides.


Even normal meditating is hard to do when you ignore your shadow and darkness.

By denying looking at our shadow and denying to embrace it and acknowledge it, our spiritual growth is limited since we are rejecting a part of ourselves and we cannot function as a whole.

Our personality does the work of making us feel lovable and worthy but no matter how hard it tries to make us seem successful, intelligent and powerful, it is still just an attempt to make us love something we are not, to love a mask.

As long as we focus on only one side, we are separated from our true united self and we are going to live in a cage of painful and continuous isolation.

It Is Important to Embrace the Complete You

The path to complete enlightenment leads only through complete darkness. Although we don’t like to admit it, our dark side is very active in our everyday life and decision making even though it is concealed and not visible on the outside.


Our darkness should be met and explored in a loving environment, because it might cause even further isolation if not explored properly. Only when it is completely safe, then we can start seeing, exploring and expressing what has been hidden in us.

We have many unpolished rocks and diamonds in us that fill us with beauty, strength and creativity, yet we’ve locked them away so we don’t make others around us feel small and scared. But by exploring our darkness our self-love is growing also.

You must understand that unless you take a leap into this journey, you will never fully know who you are. We get so used to our masks that we become a stranger to ourselves too. But when we take off our masks of illusions, new perceptions, choices and possibilities appear.

The only real question is, are you ready for the journey?


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