The Jin Shin Jyutsu Finger Method – Rub One Finger For 60 Seconds And Treat These Health Problems…

Many people haven’t heard of this alternative treatment method, however rubbing different fingers can help you treat a number of health problems.

The treatment is from the Japanese alternative medicine and is based on the belief that each finger of the hand is related to 2 different body organs. Based on this, rubbing a certain finger for 60 seconds will help you treat pain or other problems with the specific organs.

The treatment works by influencing certain body organs by tightly holding or rubbing a finger on one hand for 3-5 minutes and while doing so, breathing deeply and later massaging the fingers on both hands.

The whole procedure should last for 3-5 minutes, and down below we have an explanation of what organ each finger is connected with.

  1. Thumb is connected with:

  • Organs: spleenwort and stomach
  • Physical symptoms: headaches, stomachaches, skin issues and nervousness
  • Emotions: depression and anxiety
  1. Index Finger

  • Organs: kidneys and urinary bladder
  • Physical symptoms: muscle pain, back pain, toothache, digestion issues
  • Emotions: discontent, confusion, fear
  1. Middle Finger:

  • Organs: yolky bitter, liver
  • Physical symptoms: migraines, tiredness, circulation issues, headaches, menstrual pain
  • Emotions: indetermination, irritability
  1. Ring Finger

  • Organs: large intestine, lungs
  • Physical symptoms: skin conditions, digestion issues, asthma and respiratory problems
  • Emotions: fear, pessimism, sadness
  1. Pinkie Finger

  • Organs: small intestine, heart
  • Physical symptoms: bone issues, heart disease, sore throat
  • Emotions: nervousness, anxiety, lack of self- confidence

Feel free to try this alternative method at home to see if it works. Simply rub a certain finger for 60 seconds minimum to achieve the best results.


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