Kidneys and Thyroid Tumors  Are Caused By This One Flour

Were you aware of the fact that the reasons for the premature deaths and chronic disease come from the standard American diet? If not, it’s time to know that the majority of the food we eat every day is killing us slowly, white flour included.

In 1910, bleached white flour was proclaimed by the Federal District Court of Missouri to be inadequate as human food.  But, based on the first chief of the Food and Drug Administration, Mr. H.W. Wiley, the law enforcement was ‘stopped by the political impact from the flour millers’. Since then, there haven’t been made notice of violations by the FDA. Nowadays, the flour is made from wheat which is treated with pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides.

These 5 Secrets About White Flour

  1. Bleached Flour has no nutrients

During bleaching process, 75% of the minerals and vitamins from the wheat seed are removed and approximately 97% of the fiber is lost. Moreover, bleaching removes 70% of iron, 50% of calcium, and vitamin E and B.

  1. Added Potassium Bromate

As soon as the nutrients are removed, the flour is preserved and enhanced with chlorine dioxide. Next, it’s whitened with chalk, ammonium carbonate, and alum so to look more appealing. In the final stage, sorbitan mono-saturate (an anti-salting agent) is added, together with potassium bromate, which is a powerful oxidizer. Both of the chemicals are considered carcinogen by the IARC – International Agency for Research on Cancer.

  1. White flour is a natural insecticide

No matter how unbelievable it can sound, white flour is a natural insecticide, meaning that it can kill an insect if it enters into the bag of white flour and starts eating it.

  1. Contains L-cysteine

In order to accelerate the industrial processing, baked goods are added with L-cysteine which is a non-essential amino acid. It can be found in pasta, cookies, fast food buns, and pizza doughs. It is synthesized in the lab and the modern techniques for production include duck feathers and human hair. Other rich sources of this amino acid involve cow horns, chicken feathers, and petroleum byproducts.

  1. White flour has alloxan, a contaminant that causes diabetes

White flour is rich in alloxan, a chemical substance which makes it fresh and clean. It was scientifically proved that it affects the pancreas in a negative way, thus destroying its beta cells.  Numerous studies showed that the alloxan effects can be destroyed with vitamin E that actually protected the lab rats in an animal study conducted by Dr. Gary Null.


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