These Kids Have Learned How To Open Their Third Eye And It Is Absolutely Amazing

If you’re one of those people that have a hard time believing in supernatural and psychic abilities, then you have to watch this video.

Many people believe that somewhere deep inside all of u we are locked paranormal and psychic abilities but we seem to have problems unlocking them, for some may take a decade, for some even longer, but for these kids? They’ve been practicing since they were little and now they are shocking the world!


These kids are able to do many daily tasks completely blindfolded. From playing games to drawing identical pictures and reading, these kids are phenomenal in every single way.

There is one girl that seems to possess a stronger psychic ability than the rest of the kids, and she proved that by telling what the interviewer was drawing even before he turned the piece of paper towards her!

She claims that her “third eye” is letting her see through the blindfold and through the paper itself. Seeing this, it really brings up the question of what is the true limit of the human being.

However as amazing as this is, many people will immediately start discrediting it and claiming that the blindfold was see-through, even though a crew member had previously tried the blindfold and saw that it wasn’t see-through.

And other critics will say that the whole thing was staged but, if that is so, then why would you even try to stage something like this, especially since it has been proven numerous times before to be real.


The more we progress as humans, the more we understand that there is more to our reality than what we see and understand. Although it takes a lot of practice for a regular grown-up person to achieve this stage, the woman who runs this program says that ages 6-12 are the best time period to teach the children the ways of these abilities.

The reason behind this she says is that the children are still experiencing the world and existing through their emotional bodies since critical thinking and logic aren’t the methods they are familiar with. They haven’t yet been programmed to conform to society’s definition of “normality” which makes it easier to them.

Although everyone has the same equal potential of learning these abilities, if you are one of the people that have problem believing in psychic abilities and the supernatural chances are you will have trouble or never unlock your inner third eye.

We need to get used to the idea of seeing is not believing, but that only believing will allow us to truly see. Children do not have any problem with believing as their head is filled with imagination which is the key factor, to letting them tap into these abilities.



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