The Legal Pot Sales In Colorado Were So Successful That They Provide A Solution For The Homeless

The plans of Aurora, Colorado derive a strong solution from their slight lack of prohibition – they will be donating millions of dollars from cannabis sales to non-profit organizations with programs that will help the homeless.

The tax revenue of Colorado from cannabis reached an amazing $70 million. This year, Aurora will be donating $1.5 million to fix the issue with the homeless people.

Somewhere around $220,000 will go to the Colfax Community Network so they can continue to educate for low-income families that live in motels and small apartments and it will provide them with the essential clothing, hygiene products, food and other important necessities.

Nancy Sheffield who is the director of the neighborhood services said that the Colfax Community Network were in need of these funds since they no longer had other incomes to continue operating.

Another part of the cannabis tax revenue will be given to the Aurora Mental Health and Comities Crisis Center in order to do a “homeless outreach”.

Also, Aurora Housing Authority will receive a fund so they can assist homeless people from a part-time to full time jobs.

And another proposal stated there could be a day center where the homeless could wash their clothes, take showers and receive their mental health services.

With this said, it is safe to assume that cannabis is a booming business.

In 2017 the city will estimate around $6.4 million in the pot revenue, but when the licences for recreational marijuana are issued the number is expected to rise at 24.

Los Angeles on the other hand has proposed using cannabis taxes on the medical marijuana to solve its homeless issues, but this is a bit controversial since taxing medicine to solve the homeless problems is a bit misguiding. That is why taxing recreational pot remains a better option.

And the plans Aurora has to help the homeless is indeed another evidence of the tons of benefits from the cannabis legalization and thus ending the failed war on drugs.

Source: freethoughtproject
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