Loving Without Attachment: 4 Of The Best Ways To Love Unconditionally

According to many people, live is limitless, shapeless and unconditional. But not many people understand the concept of this, and therefore have a need to buy vanilla ice-cream and watch sad movies in self-pity.

However just as love makes a relationship develop and grow, there is also a fatal relationship killer that does the exact opposite by turning everything into jealousy and need and its name? – Attachment.

Attachment is also known as co-dependency, constantly making us believe that we can’t live and function without the person we love. This can be an extremely bad scenario since it puts you and the attached person into a cage of feelings. This can also be seen in someone who is “deep” in love that they forget the sensation of pleasing themselves and put the needs of their loved one first.

However the pain of attachment cannot affect us in any way if we love a person unconditionally and accept that person for everything they are and settle for what they are not. When we can’t accept someone for everything they are, we are creating a toxic relationship by thinking and convincing ourselves that we know best trying to change that person into something they are not.

We understand that keeping pure love from transforming into attachment isn’t an easy job and that is why today we are going to provide you with 4 tips to keep everything in control before it gets too late.

  1. What feelings did you feel back then?

You need to stop and ask yourself whether you remember what you felt for that person the first few days after you met him/her.  If you have trouble with this, then it is a serious “red flag” for the relationship.

When you first meet a person that you fall in love with, you get overwhelmed with a feeling of happiness and freedom by just thinking of that person. Everything seems to be just right and your awareness and appreciation for the world is heightened. That is why it is important to keep in mind how you felt by just thinking of that person, and remember how you feel now, when you’re physically with them.

  1. Love is unmeasurable and everlasting!

Loving someone eliminates all boundaries. If we truly love someone, just the thought of them is enough to satisfy us.

When we get attached to a certain person, we crave for them to be around us at all times and we forget the “gift of solitude”. And this is the most common relationship killer.

However once we accept that love has no end, and can even be felt between dimensions and worlds, we will understand and feel the freedom between all that space and this is relieving for  us and our loved ones.

  1. Love is the definition for acceptance of the imperfections

The unconditional loves knows that nothing is perfect but has no problem accepting the imperfections of the loved one. Attachment on the other side is judgemental, serious, controlling and critical. If you often find yourselves correcting the one you love, making decisions for them and lecturing them, then the chances are high that you’ll end up on the road to suffering.

Unconditional love will never let us go down that road since it will teach us about acceptance and loving the imperfections. From a weird toe, to crooked teeth, it will teach us to love everything.

It understands, accepts and loves everything that is and that will be of the person they’re with.

And the last tip is something that we should never forget!

  1. Unconditional love is encompassing of all!

This means that the love must include you too. You can’t take care of someone else’s garden if you don’t even take care of yours. This means that you should first take care and love yourself. Put yourself in the center of your attention and try to be the one you should always please. Because only love that surpasses these four tips has the capacity to last a lifetime, heal wounds and even do miracles.

Source: thespiritscience.net

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