Man That Cured His Stage-4 Cancer Shared His Story And How He Did It!


In this article we’ve decided to share the story of one lucky man that succeeded to defeat stage-4 cancer. The weapon he used – baking soda.

Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with stage-4 prostate cancer and was left with no other option than chemo. The drugs he was taking that were supposed to destroy his cancer ended up healthy tissues as well.

We all know that chemotherapy is an aggressive anticancer therapy, and although it may be effective, the patient ends up drained of energy and with an immune system so weak that it is unable to fight even a mild cold.

Either way, chemotherapies don’t do miracles, so at this point Vernon decided to take everything in his own hands. His brother advised him to pay attention to the acidity of his body, and Vernon was encouraged to convert his body into an alkaline machine and with this – prevent the growth of the cancer.

Cesium therapies have been widely known to work better than both radiotherapy and chemo, but they have been rarely recommended to cancer patients, so he was looking for an alternative way to increase his body’s pH levels.

Vernon sat down, did some research and the only thing he got was believe it or not, baking soda.

Baking soda is perhaps one of the most common ingredients and most people have it sitting around in their homes. Little did most people know, baking soda worked miracles when combined with maple syrup, which is what Vernon decided to try out. He took this combination every day and he documented his experiences on his blog so the whole world could witness them.

Baking soda neutralizes the acids and increases the body’s pH values. It can be used both as a topical antiseptic to prevent blisters and scarring, as well as skin allergies and itching.

How Baking Soda Destroys Cancer Baking

The perfect soil for cancer cells are acidic bodies. All medical experts can agree that alkalization is the key to starve cancer cells and stop their growth. Topical application is far better than taking this combination orally, plus it is an easier way to get the soda close to the tumor. But despite this, oral medications are far safer, cheaper and more available.



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