A Man Lost On a Mountain Is Saved And Guided By A Cat!

A small hiking confusion caused this man to get lost in the mountains of Gimmelwald in Switzerland. But at that scary moment, a cat appeared and guided him to safety!

This is the mountain-guide cat!

The man was visiting for the end of the ski season, so the lifts weren’t working and all of the trails were out of business. Stunned by the beauty of the stunningly tiny yet beautiful village, he got “lost” in the nearby mountains.

He says that he was following a trail up the mountain and afterwards he followed the ski lifts. He made it into the top and for the way back he decided to follow an abandoned train track.

That’s when things got tricky…



He stopped to check his map in order to find a way to get back to his hostel, and that is when he met the handsome little kitty.



The cat had noticed him while he was resting his sprained ankle and eating a snack. The man says that the cat was super friendly and that she started guiding him through a strange path. The kitty noticed him when he was taking a break from the hike, eating a snack and resting his sprained ankle.

While guiding him the cat would occasionally look at the man to check if he was following her, and it eventually led him to a path that leads straight to the valley.

While so, he turned on his video camera so he can share his incredible story with his friends and family.

Here is the full video! Check it out:


The legendary cat and man were separated right after the end of the video since he had to go into the town and the cat had to do some more territory protection and guiding!

After sharing his incredible story on the famous social media website “Reddit” had apparently recognized this kitty. Many would say how the cat had been walking ahead of them on many hiking’s and randomly striking funny poses.



Another Reddit user claims that the cat had belonged to a hostel back in the village and apparently loves tourists very much!

The man says that the cat was a great companion and it would definitely stay in his best memories of his best trips!

Source: Love Meow

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