Massage These 7 Body Points of a Crying Baby and Calm It Down Immediately!

Reflexology represents a massaging practice in order to stimulate particular nerve endings, that correspond to certain zones and organs within the human body. The massaging of particular body parts will help you eliminate several baby’s ailments. If you want to find out which key points you need to massage on your fussy baby, keep on reading this article.

Before starting with the massage, relax your baby in a soothing bath in order to promote its blood flow. Don’t apply too much pressure since baby’s nerve endings might be sensitive, especially if the baby is sick.

The 7 points are:

1) Head and teeth – Massage the tips of the toes in order to sooth the teething pain of the baby.

2) Sinuses – The body parts that correlate with the sinuses are in the center of the toes of your baby. Massage theses spots with a gentle pressure so you can relieve sinus pain, allergy symptoms, and wide range of cold connected to the respiratory system.

3) Chest – Congestion in the chest is connected with the feet pads, right below the toes and above the arch. If you massage these parts with gently movements so to get rid of the discomfort due to coughing and congestion. But, remember that reflexology is only a complimentary therapy, meaning that you need to visit a doctor for healing of chest infections.

4) Solar plexus – It’s a nerves collection which is hidden between the lungs and stomach. Solar plexus is connected to the foot center, immediately below the feet pads where the arch starts. According to the Hearty Soul, problems like upset tummies, tightness, spasms, and breathing problems can be connected with this area, and you can sooth it with a light massage.

5) Upper Abdomen – massage the part between the center of the baby’s foot and the feet pads in order to alleviate heartburn, constipation, and indigestion.

6) Lower Abdomen – The area between your heel and the middle of the foot is connected with the lower abdomen. This spot should be massaged when the baby suffer from belly bloating and gasses in the lower intestine.

7) Pelvis – The heel is linked with the pelvis, tummy, and the hips. According to Dr. David Wolfe, when the babies grow up so rapidly, there is a more frequent pain in the hips. Massaging the heels of your baby will help to treat constipation and sore tummies.

It’s not easy to massage your baby since most of the time they are active, they refuse to lay down. So, it is recommended to massage your baby gently when it sleeps, when you feed it, or when bath time.

In case you have other concerns about your baby’s health, visit your doctor. Reflexology is alternative therapy for soothing pain, and a great method to connect with your baby, but if the problem is not going away, then you have to consult with a doctor.


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