THIS Is What It Means If You Have Two Dimples On Your Back

Back dimples are one interesting characteristic that is commonly found in women. They are also known as the “dimples of Venus” and the main cause for the appearance of the back dimples are the ligaments that are pulling under the skin of the back which creates indentations.

However believe it or not, back dimples can reveal quite a few things about your health and even your character.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, research claims that women that have dimples can climax easier during intimate intercourse and activities. Although there isn’t a bunch of scientific evidence and research that supports this statement, the unique placement and shape of your backbone and pelvis explains this theory.

Your bones and muscles are positioned in a way that helps your body improve circulation and increases your chances of a release as well.

However before taking anything to heart, keep in mind that there is still tons of research to be done in order to confirm this. In the meanwhile there is no research that reveals any potential health problems and risks that could be associated with back dimples.

Back dimples are known to have many different sizes and shapes with their appearance varying from one person to another depending on the person’s body shape, weight and athletic ability. But as we mentioned above, back dimples are commonly found in women and very unlikely in men.

If you already have back dimples, you can enhance them by doing certain lower back exercises that engage your core muscles. Not only will they enhance the visibility of your back dimples but the exercises will improve the overall health of your body.

And if you’re the type of person that would like to show the back dimples off, you can get a piercing on each one of the dimples.


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