Millennia-Old Remedy Which “Cures All Diseases” Such As Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes, AIDS, HIV And More…

According to recent, black cumin seed oil can inhibit the growth and activity of cancer cell, and is now considered to be an effective cancer treatment, at least in animal studies. The black cumin seed oil and extract are considered to be a strong weapon against melanoma, cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, as well as lymphoma, brain cancer and colon cancer.

But although its efficiency has been proven by many studies, the black seed oil is still not receiving enough recognition from modern medicine. In this article, we’re going to examine the political pressures that might be in a way holding back tests on humans, as well as learn why the drug and Big Pharm industry wishes to subdue any use of black seed oil.

First of all, the oil has been used as a treatment for cancer for millennia.

According to two separate studies conducted in 2011 which were reviewing the literature on the use of black cumin seed oil as cancer treatment, the oil has been used for centuries as a traditional cancer remedy for its amazing anti-cancer properties. It is also efficient in treating diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular issues, kidney disease and tons of other health issues.

Scientists have also noted that the exact mechanism behind the amazing anti-cancer properties is not completely understood. Many consider the amazing properties to derive from the thymoquinone, which has an antioxidant role that reinforces the overall immune system.

Black Cumin Seeds Works Wonders When Combined With Honey

Egyptian scientists have been long studying the effects of black cumin seed oil and honey on cancer and oxidative stress by exposing rats to a powerful carcinogen. There were 4 groups of rats. Some of the rats were fed black seed or honey, and one group was fed both ingredients mixed together. The group of rats which consumed only black cumin seeds had 80% protection against oxidative stress and cancer formation, while on the other hand, the group which consumed black cumin seeds and honey had 100% protection.

Black Seed Oil Is Excellent For Radiation Treatment

According to a 2014 Turkish study, the oil can help people who are on radiation treatment for cancer. During radiation treatment, people experience sever and uncomfortable side-effects, so they decided to do a study which explored the effects of the oil on irradiated rats. The rats were first exposed to one dose of gamma radiation. Then they were divided in two groups. One group was given a gram of the oil one hour before radiation and received a 10 gr. Dose for the next 10 days while the other group was given a saline solution. The results showed that the control group was not irradiated and that the black cumin seed oil reduces the oxidative stress markers.

The Black Seeds Interfere With Uncontrolled Cell Growth And Kill Liver Cancer Cells

A study conducted by Indian scientists back in 2013 further explored the effects of thymoquinone in two groups of rats. The first group was given only 0.01% of thymoquinone  water to drink, while the second group was given regular water. After 16 weeks of testing, they the injury markers and tumor markers were both measure and they showed significant disease decrease in the size of the tumor markers in the group of rats that drank thymoquinone water. They didn’t develop new cancer nodules as well. This has officialy confirmed the beneficial role of thymoquinone in the treatment of liver cancer as well as its powerful ability to prevent cancer cells proliferation.

According to an Egyptian study conducted in 2012, a combined mixture of black cumin seed oil and honey used for the treatment of cancer has showed decent results, proving that these two ingredients combined are highly efficient at reducing the viability of cancer cells.

Black Seed Oil Kills Lung Cancer Cells

According to statements by Saudi Arabian scientists back in 2014, black seeds have been used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of numerous diseases for millennia. They are packed with widely-known antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A study was conducted which investigated the anti-cancer activity of the oil and extract used against lung cancer in human cells in a laboratory. The human cancer cells were exposed to 0,01 mg of the oil and 1 mg of the extract. The results showed that both the oil and extract significantly reduced the population of the living cancer cells and changed their cellular morphology.

The Components of Black Seed Kill Malignant Cells of Brain Cancer

In a study conducted at the Ohio State University in 2013, scientists proved that glioblastoma is the most common and the most aggressive type of malignant brain tumor in human beings. As a conclusion, they stated that there is a great need of additional therapies for treatment of this particular type of brain tumor. The study was focused on thymoquinone, because the natural phytochemicals contain strong tumor killing capacities.  At the same time, it possesses selective cytotoxic features for human cells, which means that it can kill the cancer cells and then to leave the normal ones untouched. In addition, the study investigated thymoquinone’s capacity to inhibit selectively the cancer cells of the spinal cord and the brain to make clones of themselves, thus, not stopping the normal cell activity in the spinal cord and in brain. An extract of the black seed can inhabit as well the autophagy genes in the cancer cells. Autophagy enables constant growth in cancer cells by keeping the production of cellular energy. As soon as inhabited, the production of energy suffers too and results in extension of the survival of the tumor affected organs and tumor regression. This means that thymoquinone creates a new extraordinary strategy for cancer treatment.



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