Mind Over Matter: How Mental Attention Can Directly Affect The Physical World


Feelings have long ago started the journey of cracking the human brain and consciousness that consists of mental attention, intention, feelings, emotion and perception and it has become a big fundamental part of our science. Since one cannot fully understand neither quantum physics nor science itself without fully understanding consciousness,

Theoretical physicist Max Planck said back in 1918 that he regards consciousness as a fundamental matter, since nothing and no one can get behind it and everything that we do on daily basis eventually comes down to postulating consciousness.

Scientists have been focused on the study of matter and atoms since they consider that the universe and matter operate in only one reality – a notion known as “Scientific Materialism”. However this has many times with modern age discoveries proven to be false and that there are more worlds and realities existing beyond our senses and perception. Even the empty space that we consider “empty” isn’t actually empty at all.


Decades of experiments and researchers have shown many unexplainable and bizarre results that indicate the importance of consciousness that we don’t consider very often when it comes to science. In fact it is often overlooked whereas instead we should’ve shown and paid more attention to the phenomenon called “consciousness”.

Everything from how we see ourselves, to how we think and perceive to what we are, is connected to what kind of existence we create for ourselves and the humans we are influencing. This has resulted in the three questions that philosophers throughout history have been asking themselves without ever finding an answer. Those questions are: Who are we? Why do we think what we think? Why do we do what we do?

Another question that has boggled modern scientist is whether or not can our consciousness directly affect and alter the physical world we see around us. In other words “can mind influence matter?” And what kind of a relationship is there between the matter and our mind?


The Waves of Reason

Other questions such as “Where did this question come from?” and “When did question concerning the role of the human mind start to be considered” are just few of the questions that philosophers and scientists have been thinking about for a long period of time.

According to Dr. Dean Radin, the concept of the mind having power over the matter is rooted in the ancient beliefs about magic and wonders as well as the Eastern philosophers.

Another conclusion of the new fundamental physics acknowledges that the observer creates the reality and that we all play a part of creating our reality. Although true, physicists still have a hard time believing and admitting that the universe is just our “mental” construction.


According to physicist Sir James Jeans, the stream of knowledge is heading towards a reality that is non-mechanical since the universe is beginning to look like a giant thought than a great machine. Our minds no longer are considered to be an intruder into this realm of matter, instead the universe itself is mental and spiritual according to professor of physics and Astronomy at John Hopkins University – R.C Henry, “The Mental Universe” ; Nature 436:29,2005).

What the fore mentioned quotes are saying is that there is an inescapable fact that the act of observation varies and changes the nature of the physical system. This can altogether mean that consciousness can have an effect when it comes to the making of our physical world.

A potential revelation of this experience that the observer creates the reality was published in a journal by the name of Physics Essays by PhD Dean Radin where he explains how this experiment has been used many times to the physical reality around us.

The same study found that many factors connected with consciousness correlated and predicted ways with perturbations in the double slit interference pattern.

Not only does observation disturb what has to be measured, but it produces it as well. We can compel an electron to assume a definite position therefore we ourselves produce the outcome and results of the measurement.

Another example of this mind over matter issue is the well-known “Placebo effect”. Many people actually have preferred altering the power of belief in order to heal biological systems of illnesses and diseases. Many people have also considered taking the power of the consciousness into health care since it has been shown many times that Buddhist monks are able to direct healing intention to cancer cells.  The results are available to see online and will leave you speechless. Along with this there is a database rich with 60 years of experiments and examinations of the mind-matter connection.

The type of the connection that these experiments and researches studied is the ones that are literally mentally able to influence an all-physical system.


It is the year of 2016, and the science has started to accept more and more these concepts and exploring them even more openly.

In the past, the belief systems that were imposed on us prevented us from exploring reality concepts that differ from the accepted belief system from that time. Galileo’s work is a perfect example of this because it was forbidden and banned for more than 200 years. Moreover, he was convicted under house arrest for 20 years.

Dean Radin claims his experiments proved there is consistent and persuasive evidence of the fact that mental intention is connected with the behavior of these rather physical systems.

Something is happening, irrespective of whether we can or not explain it.

According to Dr. Radin, the evidence clearly shows that ‘some informed skeptics acknowledge the fact that something really interesting is happening’.

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IONS is also known for sponsorship, participation in original research and publication of peer-reviewed articles in the journals. They encompass everything from healing, consciousness, and worldview transformation to extension of human capacities. In other words, they explore certain phenomena which don’t fit the conventional scientific models.

Source: thespiritscience.net

(1) The Conscious Universe, Dean Radin, PhD. (book)

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