This Is How Much Walking You Have to Do to Begin Losing Weight

Losing weight is a long process that requires a lot of effort and patience. In case you are not fond of the gym, or on the treadmill, walking is the ideal solution for you. However, walking itself will not do the magic, so you need to include a healthy diet as well.

If you ask yourself how much walking you need so to begin losing weight, this is the answer: In a mile, you will need to do 2,000 steps in order to burn calories in the proper way and to lose weight.

The explanation below will demonstrate you how to measure the steps effectively:

1 Mile equals 2,000 steps + 100 calories burned

1 Pound equals 3,500 calories

Losing 1 Pound within 7 days equals 500 calories a day

10,000 steps on a daily basis will make you lose 1 pound in a week

Increase the number of steps as the time passes by. Take a look how to achieve the desired 2,000:

Instead of driving in a bus or in a taxi, walk

Walk your children to school

Leave your car further from your house

Instead of using the escalator or elevator, use the stairs

You need a high-quality and proper pedometer in order to count your steps.

Moreover, the following additional tips will make you lose the excess weight:

Walk always while listening to music

Change frequently the walking routine

To make walking more interesting, take a friend with you

Use a treadmill in winter while enjoying one of your favorite shows

Walking requires a proper posture, so you can achieve it if you do the following:

Keep the chin up and focus your gaze ahead on 100 feet

While walking, engage spine and abs

When you will walk for the first time, walk 3 times per week for 15 minutes. Then, increase gradually the time frame to 30 and 60 minutes on a daily basis.


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