A “Mystery Human” Species Completely Changes Our Theory Of Evolution

Throughout the years, scientist have been observing and exploring something called EVOLUTION, and all its different sides and forms. How the time passed, they’ve came up with this so called giant puzzle, something that we all know as evolution today.

A big part of this giant puzzle is still unknown for the scientists ,and even less for us, the normal people. They have come so far, but still got a lot more to go, to fully understand the mystery it hides. A lot of the facts about some form of evolution ( scientifically speaking) are still missing, and everyday this giant puzzle is switching its places because of all the new discoveries that are made!

Are there aliens among us?

Something this is still unknown to modern day science, is one great discovery that was made in a Siberian cave, showing something that looks like an entirely new species.

Its considered to be something called a “denisovan” based on the DNA analysis made on the subject’s genome.

Something that we should really worry about , is the fact that theres a part in the genome that is from a completely mysterious, unidentifiable , unknown group of people.

“We are looking at something that begins to look like it came from the Lord of the rings world-where a lot of the population as hominid”-  Mark Thomas, evolutionary geneticist at University College London

It is believed that Neanderthals and denisovans are anatomically modern creatures. That is a big factor for making us look how we look today and also contributing to the genetic diversity. That leads us to a recovery which tells us that there is a lot more we aren’t aware of and that our genetic diversity is far more complex.

‘’The right way we can explain how the denisovans are mixed with an unidentified species, is that their picked up some of their DNA and interbred with it” – says David Reich of Harvard Medical school. They harbour ancestry from an unknown archaic population, different from the Neanderthals.

What really is this species?

What we really need to find out is where these mystery people came from that some of our ancestors interbreeded with? Is it possible that they have looked similar to them or maybe they have been an entirely new, completely separate species?

This research is just a fish in the big ocean full of question and mysteries that make us think twice! Also, a lot of the researches and discoveries lead to an evidence which indicated existence of an advanced , intelligent , ancient human civilization that might have walked this earth a long time before us, the humans.

Theres a lot more to discover, more mysteries yet to come, that will one day help us understand the human philosophy.

Source: thespiritscience.net

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