Here is Why and How You Need to ‘Activate’ Your Nuts and Seeds

All of us know that nuts are seeds are extremely healthy, but roasting is proved to be not the optimal way to prepare them. There is nothing more delicious than roasted nuts, however high temperatures lower their nutritional value. Beside, high temperatures can even provoke side effects.

In order to avoid complications and to use the maximum of the nuts and seeds, you can roast them at home. In that way, you will activate the healthy minerals.

Nuts and seeds contain phytic acid that binds with minerals including iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, and magnesium and prevents the body from using it, meaning that the regular consumption of phytic-acid-rich foods can increase the risk of osteoporosis and mineral deficincies. Therefore, if you love consuming your favorite seeds and nuts for real, you need to ‘activate’ them.

There is an enzyme called Phytase which can be found in some animals, has the capacity to break down the phytic acid. Although you don’t have it, there are some other ways how to neutralize this acid and to receive all of the goodness from the seeds and nuts. Such process includes sprouting,  fermenting, or soaking the nuts.

The enzyme inhibitors which are present in the nuts stops premature sprouting. Nuts are not receiving enough moisture in the fields, and for that reason, they need more time to germinate. These inhibitors accumulate and block the enzymes. The human body cannot digest unsprouted nuts. So, you should firstly reduce the levels of phytic acid in the nuts and exchange their enzyme inhibitors. Therefore, put your nuts to soak overnight in order to start off their natural process of germination.

Activate your nuts

In a filtered water, put 2 cups of your favorite nuts to soak and leave approximately 2-inch space from the top. Then, add 2 tsp. of sea salt and let the seeds/nuts stay like that for up to 12 hours. If you use hemp or chia seeds, you can skip this step. Remember, not all seeds/nuts germinate within same amount of time. For instance, almonds need 14 hours and cashews 5. Next, strain, wash the nuts and scatter them on baking sheets. And finally, dry them at 150 °F.

As soon as they are completely dry, transfer them into a container and store them in a fridge. Enjoy your snack time!


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